Molly Karloff / New single to benefit Oxfordshire Mind

Oxfordshire power trio Molly Karloff will release a remixed version of their song ‘She Said’ on 19 February. All proceeds from the single will be donated to the UK Mental Health charity Oxfordshire Mind.

The remix has been completed by Romesh Dodangoda, who also remixed their previous single ‘Do It Again’.

Simon Gee, Molly Karloff guitarist and lead singer, told MetalTalk: “I originally wrote the opening riff [for She Said] without the wah, which was added by mistake one day in rehearsal. It sounded cool, so we kept it that way.

“Everything else evolved from there. The chorus is infectious. You can’t get it out of your head.”

This news comes on the same day that the band have announced a recording deal with Off Yer Rocka Records, covering their next two albums.

Lockdowns and mental health

Simon Gee told us: “Lockdowns are bad for mental health. We have decided to raise money to help those people who are suffering most.

“Mental health is a serious issue and that is why the band are showing their support by donating all proceeds from the new single Oxfordshire Mind.

“Mind provides help and support to anyone affected by mental health problems. People can donate by pre-saving and ordering the single from mollykarloff.hearnow.com or they can donate via our JustGiving page at justgiving.com/fundraising/molly-karloff.”

Oxfordshire Mind

Kathryn Pickup, Community Fundraiser at Oxfordshire Mind, told MetalTalk: “We’re thrilled to hear that the rock band Molly Karloff has chosen to support Oxfordshire Mind by donating the proceeds of their new single.

“The pandemic is changing our lives and placing huge amounts of stress on our mental health. The self-isolation and social distancing measures in place, as well as fears about the virus itself, are adding to the pressures of the current situation.

“COVID-19 has dramatically highlighted the need for services like ours. Our fundraising has been reduced significantly due to cancelled events and activities over the past few months. We are incredibly grateful for supporters like the Rock band Molly Karloff.

“We have a range of services available, from our Information Line where people can call or email to get support and advice for themselves or others, to peer support groups which bring together people who have a shared experience with mental health in a safe and welcoming space, and crisis support services like our Oxford and Banbury Safe Havens.

“We have adapted our services to ensure that anyone who needs us can still get support.

“At Oxfordshire Mind, we firmly believe that everyone who experiences mental health difficulties should have somewhere to turn to for advice and support.

“By supporting us in this way, Molly Karloff are helping to ensure that we can continue to make that happen.”

‘She Said’ is available to to pre-save from mollykarloff.hearnow.com

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