Izakman / The ‘Real Boy’ Israeli full of 60’s culture and a bit of acid

Award winning Israeli musician Izakman has released his second UK single ‘Real Boy’ via SuArt and you can watch this below, or listen on our Tracks Of The Week Playlist.

The style of the song continues from his first first single ‘Cyber Love’ because, as we recently found out, Izakman immerses himself in the 60’s vibe.

He told us: “I’m a great fan of late 60’s culture. The artists that inspire me come from that era. It also explains why most of my friends look like they’ve been pulled out of Woodstock festival.

“I’m a 60’s dude in spirit. No doubt.”

Photo of Israeli musician Izakman
Izakman. Photo: Zoe Rechter

Izakman is also a graduate of the prestigious Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem, majoring in animation and his graduation film won the Best Animation prize at the Beliff Film Festival in London. His early career was based around composing music for television and theatre.

He is part of a growing young underground music community called ‘Floating Anarchy’.

The group has been active for two years, secretly running events all over Israel, spread only by word of mouth.

Their festivals are independent and hippie in spirit and originated from a gathering in the woods, with the first being named ’02 Infinity’ where he performed to great success.

Izakman has taken part in other events and recently volunteered to work on the ‘Floating Anarchy’.

He tells us this was also the first time he also took acid.

Very 60’s, indeed.

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