Is virtual reality the future of gambling?

One thing that has become self evident about the world of gambling and casinos is the fact that it is incredibly good at picking up on new technology and turning it into casino slots at Slots Racer that sends people into a state of frenzy. Just look at the pandemonium that was caused when Roulette was first invented out of Blaise Pascal’s search for a perpetual movement machine, for example.

Moving further forward, Charles D. Fey’s forays into slot machines paved the way for one of casino’s greatest ever ventures, kick-starting the eventual reign of online slots. Well, now there is another new technology threatening to revolutionise the art of gambling once again: virtual reality. Is it the future of gambling? Let’s find out. 

What is virtual reality 

First things first, what actually is virtual reality? Well, it is a relatively new technology that seeks to make a virtual reality feel as close as possible like it is part of our actual reality. Headsets such as Oculus Rift throw you straight into a virtual world, and due to advanced motion sensors it can be very hard to feel the difference. 

At first virtual reality was a bit of a novelty that could be found in museums and theme parks, and whilst it was fun, it still wasn’t good enough to properly fool people. The technology in the last decade, however, has really picked up a notch, and now virtual reality really is possible.  

Virtual reality casinos 

We know what you’re thinking – how on earth can virtual reality be used in the world of gambling? Well, there are already a few virtual reality casinos popping up on line, and we expect there to be countless others springing into prominence over the next few years. Going to a virtual reality casino will be just like stepping foot into your favourite land-based casino, the only difference is you will be in a virtual reality, not our real one. 

This means that there are all sorts of different creative options available to the virtual casino developers. You could feasibly download the blueprint of your favourite real casino in Las Vegas, for instance, and be able to go to it every day from the comfort of your own home in virtual reality. The possibilities are well and truly endless. 

Virtual reality slots 

Another gambling sector in which virtual reality can be effectively used is in the world of online slots. In fact, there have already been a few virtual reality slot sites that have popped up, in which you can actually explore a virtual slots hall and sit at the game that looks the most appealing to you. 

This is exciting, but what we really cannot wait for are virtual reality slots that you can actually play from the inside. Imagine spinning the reels from a position sat above them, for example – a lot of fun! 

Is virtual reality really the future of gambling? 

It is too early to tell currently, but if virtual reality continues going the way that it is it could definitely become the future of gambling.

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