Why So Many People Opt To Play Slots On Their Mobile

6 March 2020

Out of all the other industries in the world online slots have become an absolute powerhouse, initiating a staggering level of technological expansion that has sent shockwaves throughout the casino world. Where slots were once only to be found in casinos, pubs and bars, they are now available across the many facets of the remarkable World Wide Web.

But really, in 2019, it doesn’t stop there, because the mobile slots market has become a truly stupendous beast. We’re really not joking there; more people than ever are opting to play slots on their mobile, so much so that they threaten to overtake their counterparts using laptops or computers. There are various reasons as to why this is, read ahead to find out why so many people opt to play slots on their mobile. And there’s no easier way playing online slots when you can start and pay by mobile.


The big difference between spinning the reels on a mobile versus on a computer is the vastly increased level of practicality involved. Even a laptop can be cumbersome, and especially a desktop computer. If you fancy a quick game or two whilst you’re not sat at a desk it can be rather difficult, and this dramatically decreases the amount of feasible times one can spin the reels and hope for glory.

Not the case with mobile video slots, however, as these can be played pretty much anywhere if you have the required Internet connection. It is a huge reason in why so many people opt to play slots on their mobile – these days it is just that bit easier. Fancy a spin on your commute to work? Go ahead; on your mobile phone you can do just that. 

Mobile Optimisation 

The thing is, even a decade ago it just wasn’t feasible to play online casino games on your mobile device, because the technology to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience just didn’t exist. HTML5 was a huge step towards ensuring that mobile casino had a healthy and long future, without it the market would be drastically smaller.

Before it only certain phones had the software that enabled you to play online slots, and, indeed, developers only had limited options in how to programme their software. But, due to the massive increase in smartphones, and things such as HTML5, the sky is now very much the limit. 

New Technology 

Due to their increase popularity the mobile slot world is also the first point of call for many developers when they are trying out new technology. As a result video slots specifically designed for mobile consumption regularly exhibit far more pristine graphics than their computer based counterparts.

On top of this the gameplay is often smoother too as playing on a mobile phone generally means there is less time available for each gambling session. A clunky game played on a work commute would not be ideal, if anything it might make you completely leave it. But a perfectly smooth and faultless game will leave you pining for more.

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