The quick jaunt along the coastal walk soon brought me back to the Concorde 2 where quarter of an hour before doors opened there was an already growing line of eager fans.

Sonia Waterfield – Monday 4th April 2011: Brighton, The First Gig

Perching myself behind the merchy station, I readied for the throng to start coming in. It was amazing how many people commented on how good it was to see the Voodoo Six guys back in town, most still fresh with memories of the UFO support gig in December.

All kinds of fans came strolling past, either leathered up with glammy hair and make up, or in the ‘typical’ rocker style of denims and leather jackets.

First to grace the stage was N.Y.A.A, who played some decent tracks to an already solid crowd. Chugging through their half an hour, I could tell that they had caught the attention of a few of the onlookers. That’s not surprising as the guys are mentored by New Model Army.

With the change overs being quick, some of the crowd ran out for a quick ciggie or topped up their beers and all the while, people were still piling in.

Some weird ‘ornament’ in Horsham town centre

A familiar riff filled the air and people came flowing over to the merchy stand. With interested fans enquiring “who are Voodoo Six” and established ones answering them and then enquiring about the temporary line up change and the next headline tour. It was nice to see the guys having a dedicated following so early on in the tour.

These aforementioned peoples made their way to the stage, whilst Luke (vocals) introduced the band.

Now, one thing not only myself but others pointed out was that the venue sound was a little too loud in the whole. Both Jo and Ed did a great job of settling in to the grooves and put on a good solid performance. Well done guys.

Deep Southern Rock grinding riffs and melodic solos were churned out for their thirty minutes.

The guys’ performance was well received with cheers and clapping and many a converted fan coming over to me with compliments to be passed on to the band. Nice work for a Monday evening.

During the changeover to Michael Monroe there were noticeably less people leaving their viewing spot, awaiting with excitement.

The intro tape blared, the lights dimmed and the crowd cheered as Steve Conte (guitars), Sami Yaffa (bass) – both of New York Dolls fame – accompanied by Ginger (guitars) formerly of Wildhearts and Karl Rockfist (drums) bellowed straight into the first chords before the lithe Mr Monroe bounced on in his skin tight leather trousers and waistcoast, exhibiting his toned torso.

His on stage charisma and boundless energy would give most of the youngsters a run for their money, but to add to his talent, he also plays a saxaphone and harmonica at various stages through the set.

Apart from a few mumbles regarding the loudness, all I heard was praise and recollections of the good old Hanoi Rocks; Glam isn’t dead etc…

In front of the stage, onlookers were entertained with various Eddie Van Halen poses, including Michael doing the splits, much to the glee of the females in the crowd. There were also major microphone swings.

As the last track closed, a lot of contented faces left the building.

A very good start to the tour.

Sleeve Notes

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