Bingo Around the World

There are countless games played around the world, however only a select few that you can truly find to be played in pretty much any country you decide to go too. One such game is Bingo, an activity that has spread across the four corners of the Earth since Edwin S. Lowe made the crucial set of alterations that would make it a commercially viable game. 

This was in the first few decades of the 20th Century, but in actuality Bingo has been played in various forms for long before this. All Mr Lowe succeeded in doing was creating a centralised and universal notion of Bingo, something that has since flowered into a variety of different offshoots. Keep reading for an explanation of bingo free games played around the world. 


Bingo is immensely popular in Italy, and that should come as no surprise seeing as the Italians are widely credited with inventing the game that inspired Bingo in the first place. Five hundred years ago the  Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia began in Italy, a kind of lottery-cum-bingo game that captured the imagination of the general public. 

This was also the same kind of time that the Casino Di Venezia (the world’s first dedicated casino) was built in Venice, proving that those medieval Italians simply could not get enough of these gambling games. Bingo is still widely played in Italy, with the younger generation even showing more of an appetite for it than in other places. 


In England Bingo has long been associated with the older generations of society, often made fun of as being a game exclusively for old people. However, in recent years there has been a dramatic surge in companies trying to make Bingo look a lot more enticing to young adults, hence the proliferation of Bingo themed club nights and bars. 

It seems as though Bingo in England is polarised between two main groups of players nowadays: the older generation who just love to play Bingo, and the younger generation who see the game as a useful vessel to drink alcohol and party. They could not be more different… 


Bingo has been incredibly popular in Germany for generations, and it was widely played even before Edwin S. Lowe created the first genuine Bingo scorecard. Admirably the game was, and continues to be, used mainly for the purpose of education, and people quickly realised that it was a fun way of teaching basic mathematic principles. 

In fact, this still happens today, and a number of other countries have followed suit too, ensuring that Bingo remains an effective educational tool. 


You have to feel for the Bingo players of Brazil, as the game has not been looked on with the most favourable eyes there. It wasn’t even legal until 1993, upon which multiple Bingo halls sprung up across the vast South American country. But then disaster struck and it was outlawed again in 2003, meaning that Brazilian Bingo players could no longer enjoy their hobby.

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