A 10.00am wake up, quick shower and caffeine fix (either by Cola or coffee) and we all jumped on the bus ready for leaving at midday.

Sonia Waterfield – Day 6 – Leeds

In the sweltering heat, the prospect of being sat in the stuffiness of the bus really was not appealing, however, the show must go on, so to speak. With Ents Manager Joe taking care of us with ‘Young Frankenstein’, we settled down, kicked back and made our way.

Halfway, we stopped off at the services near Leicester and stocked up on food. After five days of pure takeaways and greasy food, the healthy option of sushi, salad and soups with water and Lucozade was taken by all. Feeling revived, we clambered back onto the bus, a quick fuel stop and away we went for the second leg.

voodoo six
Oh my God! Stop press! Scotty Dog’s unloading!!! GASP!!

Entertaining us was Dream Theatre’s ‘The Wake’. Shamefully, I have to admit that I have never really been taken by their work, not because I don’t like them or for any reason other than the fact I have never had the motivation to do so. However this album seems to be very Rush driven and my little ears pricked up to be ‘edumacated’ for the next 64 miles.

As we drove past Sheffield disturbing news came via a social networking site that the Leeds gig had been cancelled due to Michael Monroe feeling ill. I am aware from a previous performance that he had been suffering from food poisoning.

A call to our booking agent for clarification was made. Until we had that, we continued our journey to the venue in the small hope that things may still be on, deliberating on what our actions would be if the show was off.

On arriving at the venue, we were informed that the gig was back on. Posting the news on Facebook brought about some confusion among the fans, which was understandable.

The venue itself was a working men’s club and not particularly set up for handling bands of the tour stature, however, with a rig and small PA hired, the bands soundchecked and all was OK.

voodoo six
Err, the van gets worse :-/ re pack needed…

With a bail hostel right next to the venue and the locals seeming to be on the rough side, we brought all of our valuables, cases and anything we could into the venue for peace of mind. This wasn’t an option for the Monroe camp, so a security guard was required to watch the buses before they were satisfied enough that the tour bus and contents would be safe.

The security man arrived and all was set to go.

Before the show, eager Michael Monroe fans queued by his bus, awaiting autographs which he signed willingly, taking time out to talk to them. It is nice to see all of the band not only being such genuine nice guys but taking time out to speak.

At 7.30pm the doors opened. The crowd entered and to be honest, I was quite suprised at the attendance level. There must have been at least 250 people all ready to rock out and in party spirit.

It worked out well in the end, as this was one of the rare shows where the merchandise area was in the same room as the stage, so we were able to watch the show and feel the atmosphere, which made it nice for us.

There were not only a few familiar faces from previous shows but again, a small army of V6 t-shirts which was fantastic and duly noted.

The show started with the young Bradford boys of N.Y.A.A.A and their psychaedelic garage rock. Their mentor Justin from New Model Army was there to spur the guys on through their performance.

voodoo six

The Voodoo Six guys came on to cheers, just like the previous couple of nights. At first, I think there were some people trying to work the music out, but halfway through their set, a small mosh pit formed and there was many a foot tapping and couples swaying.

Luke was on top form, getting right into it with his energetic clapping and rocking. The rest of the band were also getting into the groove and put on a fantastic performance.

The set finished to big applause and the opportunity for toilet/fag breaks was taken.

The room refilled and the front of the knee high stage were in awe waiting for the moment to arrive when the ex-Hanoi Rocks leader and his infamous cohorts took the stage.

Applause and cheers eminated from the assembled fans when the troupe started chugging into their first chords. The miracle of modern medicine became apparent as Mr Monroe put on an extremely good show considering the earlier uncertainty of whether he would be physically able to perform.

His energy seemed endless as he put on a fantastic show, much to the great appreciation from his fans who took pleasure in telling him at the meet and greet at the end.

With many satisfied people, bands included, the remanents of the earlier concerns were forgotten.

As Sunday was a day off, which we all were looking forward to, all band members passed on their regards and wishes of a pleasant day, ready to rock Norwich on Monday.


Day off – Sunday

Rest and recouperation was needed by all, so chilling out and occassional wanders to the nearby service station were the only requirements on the itinery.

Feeling rejuvanated after the relaxation, we headed out into Leeds for a proper carvery dinner, which was a welcome break from the offerings of the roadside conveniences.

Bellies full, we headed back to the Lodge and a well needed early night!

Sleeve Notes

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