Hellfest 2023 / Wildcard Machine Gun Kelly And A Pop-punk Performance

Hellfest 2023 – Friday. The job of following Def Leppard would weigh heavily on any artist. The fact that Machine Gun Kelly is best known as a Rap/Pop Punk singer makes it seem more of a challenge. If there is a wildcard at this year’s Hellfest, then MGK is surely it.

Machine Gun Kelly - Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.
Machine Gun Kelly – Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.

Entering on top of a glowing pyramid with guitar in hand, MGK certainly knows how to put on a spectacle. Backed by a razer-sharp band including rising guitar hero Sophie Lloyd, MGK rips through a number of pop punk singles before inviting his friend and co-star Tommy Lee onstage to do some drumming on Concert For Aliens.

It’s a clever trick to try and win over a demanding crowd.

It’s not all smooth sailing, though. MGK is visibly awkward and nervous throughout, and his attempts at crowd banter go over like a lead balloon. “I’ve got so much French pride,” he says. “I’ve eaten French bread my whole life.”

After an awkward minute spent messing with a keyboard/sampler, in silence, MGK lights up a spliff and continues on. A fairly flat cover of Tom Petty’s Free Falling is an interesting choice, but things get back on track with his own songs like Candy and Emo Girl.

Machine Gun Kelly - Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.
Machine Gun Kelly – Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.

Finishing his set with a bang of WW4 and My Ex’s Best Friend, MGK salutes the crowd and receives a warm, if slightly confused, round of applause.

Ending the set with the video of his latest single was not a good move either, but it was a performance that was both fresh and got fans talking. A future placement with other pop-punk artists on the bill would be a better fit for all concerned, but there can be no doubt that Machine Gun Kelly made it through his baptism of fire at Hellfest.

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