Haruna / Lovebites ‘cried from being on stage again’

MetalTalk last saw Lovebites live on their 2019 tour with DragonForce, just before the release of Electric Pentagram. We spoke with drummer, and band co-founder Haruna, who said she was happy to talk with us again. 

Lovebites return with their thunderous and impressive new five-track EP Glory, Glory, To The World, which will be released this Friday (28 May 2021) through JPU Records.

Many troubles have besieged the music industry since that time, and Lovebites have not been immune. When Japan’s COVID-19 State of Emergency hit, the band were in the middle of their Japan tour. “All of our performances scheduled for March were cancelled, so it was disappointing for everyone,” Haruna says.

Like most, she was compelled to stay at home. “I prepared an environment where I could play electronic drums without annoying the neighbours. I also have a hobby of making miniature food from clay, so I played the drums and made mini food during this time,” she says.

With no live shows, Haruna and the band “were interested in other ideas to communicate with fans such as distributing previous live shows online, digital autograph sessions, performances from our studio, and so on.”

Face-melting power Metal frenzy

The Glory, Glory, To The World EP, is out soon as a physical product, and MetalTalk found that it explodes into a face-melting power Metal frenzy which has to be heard to be believed. The song Glory To The World has a vast uplifting symphonic chorus and a twin guitar lead break section that would turn the likes of Maiden and Priest green with envy.

Glory To The World is a track that Haruna also found inspiring, telling us it “had the grandest and most powerful first impression on me after listening to the demo. We wrote this song hoping that it would cheer on the World in its current situation.”

The band are driven, committed, and as we have watched them develop over the last five years, they are building great momentum. Haruna says that for the EP, they “set out to create something to top our previous album Electric Pentagram. We had many ideas between us, and we then chose the songs for the EP that had a balance between them.”

The work on the album began with the exchange of ideas remotely. Haruna tells us that “whole compositions were made by one band member, followed by each of us arranging it at home. Guitars and bass were recorded at home, but drums and vocals were recorded in a studio with minimum people.”

The song Winds of Transylvania became the theme song for vampiric anime Vladlove, directed by the iconic Mamoru Oshii. Haruni says the production team chose Lovebites “based on the concept of the main character. They wanted something fierce, feminine and with activity overseas.” For these reasons, you can see why the band were a perfect fit.

‘Where we belong’

With the easing of restrictions in Japan, the band were able to play some live shows recently. “The rescheduled dates were conducted at half capacity and with thorough coronavirus prevention measures implemented,” Haruna says.

“The audience was not allowed to cheer, so it was unusual to hear just applause. But still, it was nice to listen to the audience trying to support you as much as they could, given the restrictions.

“In the end, the band members couldn’t hide their emotions, and we cried from being on stage again. It felt like this was where we belong. For the first time in a year, we were back on stage, and it was a very special feeling.”

The band currently have no tour plans in place, and like most, they are watching, waiting and hoping. “I hope when we get to play the rest of the tracks on the EP live, that they create a good reaction,” Haruna says.

“I hope we can do some more gigs overseas too, but I don’t know the situation right now. I hope we can continue to have fans all over the World and interact with them soon.”

Glory, Glory, To The World is out 28 May and pre-orders can be made at the JPU Records website

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  1. Best metal band currently performing, by some considerable distance. There isn’t anyone that comes close, and they deserve way more recognition. Thanks for highlighting them, and thanks for the words from the pocket nuclear reactor that is Haruna!

  2. A lot of bands old/new should be looking over their shoulders these ladies are coming strong I hope covid situation doesn’t ruin it for these talented and let’s face it hot!! Ladies.as we all know timing is everything in music and this should be their time🎸🎸🎸🎸

  3. Decir que es la mejor banda de metal del momento, eso es mucho decir y saber muy poco de metal. Son buenísimas, me encantan y espero tengan un gran futuro, pero.. ¿la mejor banda de metal de la actualidad?, pues va ser que no.


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