Hangarvain / Thomas Silver joins for premiere of fantastic ‘Animal Instinct’

Hangarvain have released their superb new single ‘Animal Instinct’ exclusively today on MetalTalk. The Italian giants have been joined by Swedish legend Thomas Silver (Hardcore Superstars) for this engaging Alt Rock track, which is another fine example of COVID-19 lockdown creativity.

Like many bands, 2019 wrapped up as a great year for Hangarvain. The release of their fourth record ‘The Great Machine’ in October was met with great acclaim and a European tour with the legendary D-A-D saw them expand their fanbase even further.

Fast forward to September 2020 and after month of inactivity, guitarist Alex Liccardo approached Silver to play a guitar solo on ‘Animal Instinct’. Silver liked the song so much, a two day session was arranged and the result is the perfectly catchy and sublime track you can watch below.

MetalTalk caught up with the band to find out how their year has gone and why ‘Animal Instinct’ is a prefect remedy against those COVID-19 blues.

2019 finished on a great high. ‘The Great Machine’ was out and you were running round Europe with D-A-D. Are you happy with how the album was received?

“Yes, absolutely. ‘The Great Machine’ came out in October 2019 and we were ready to play some headlining shows in Italy, when we received the call from D-A-D management that completely changed our plans in a better way.

“Quite suddenly we were involved in a crazy and incredible European run, with a great and experienced band, playing in some of the coolest venues around. That tour has been a true success for us. We really had great feedback and built solid relations with our fans.”

And how was touring Europe? It looked like great fun! Can you tell us about the highlights of the tour, and how it was working with D-A-D?

“We had so many highlights, every nation, every place and city we visited had something special and unique. We come from the South, we’re very passionate people, so we love to make connections with other cultures trying to feel the vibe in every single country.

“Working with D-A-D was very cool, both the band and the staff are great guys, always very kind to us. We had the chance to join other big acts before and when it happens touring with such an experienced band, it is always a great opportunity to grow up and learn new things.”

And then 2020 came along, kicking the arse of everyone in the Music world. It looked like Italy got it quite bad. How was it for you guys personally?

“The pandemic impacted very hard on us, since we are four people living very far from each other. We had serious difficulties travelling because of the lockdown.

“We’ve been lucky enough to not been touched by the virus, but probably the hardest thing was keeping our mental health.

“Writing new music was the best help with that.”

With the demise of the touring/gigging cycle too, how did that affect you as a band? Did you cope together in the early part of the year?

“In the very first months of the emergency we could not meet at all, let’s say from February to June.

“After that we had a break in the summer to meet up and work together, but now we’re stuck again in the lockdown.

“Anyway, we kept working as a band also during the emergency. We released a song in April called #UNITEDWESTAND with the cooperation of lot of great Italian singers like Giacomo Voli (Rhapsody Of Fire), Mark Basile (DGM), Lacopo Meille (Tygers Of Pan Tang), Marco Pastorino (Temperance), Tiziano Spigno (Extrema) and many others.

“And now a new song with our great friend Thomas Silver.”

I guess normally you would have spent some of 2020 promoting the album also….?

“We were supposed to play all around Europe again. We had to cancel or postpone tons of shows, tours with Kris Barras and Michael Schenker, all the summer festivals we were waiting to play, like Hills Of Rock together with Slipknot and Testament.

“It’s been really something that can kill your mood.”

We’re pretty keen on the Animal Instinct. Nice job there! Was it a case of “Sod this, we’re not letting this Covid thing win. Lets do a track!!”?

“Exactly! We’ve been like a strange kind of prisoner this year, unable to do the most normal things like hugging a friend.

“So, as soon as we had a tiny window to work together, we said “f**k this shit”, let’s make a song about what we all feel inside, as human beings.

“We all have instincts, we all have feelings that move us and build connections between people.

“That’s how Animal Instinct was born.”

How did you decide to call on Thomas? Was he quick to respond?

“We have known Thomas for many years. He moved to Italy and we share the same label Volcano Records & Promotion. He is a great musician, but above all he is a bright soul and we are so proud to be able to consider him as a friend.

“He was our guest in a concert in our hometown Napoli last year and many times we planned to make something together.

“What a better time than a global pandemic!”

Did you have the track ready when he said Yes? Or was he part of the writing?

“Our guitarist and producer Alex Liccardo wrote the full song and he submitted it to Thomas, asking if he wanted to play a guest solo on it.

“But Thomas liked the song so much, that he ended up singing some part of it.

“It was really a surprise and we’re super happy with the contribution he gave to ‘Animal Instinct’.”

Looking forward. Are you working on a new album yet?

“We always work on new music, it’s like our therapy to feel useful in life. We have lots of ideas for the new album, even if we’re not completely focused on it now.

“We had this kind of trauma this year, because it’s like we are running close to the goal, almost touching it, when suddenly all the world around falls down and disappears.

“We would really love to start again from the point our life stopped.”

Gigs… Maybe not much will happen until April at the earliest next year? What are your hopes for 2021?

“It may sound obvious, but our biggest hope is that this tragic pandemic will be over as soon as possible, because too many people lost their lives. We’re young, so we’re sure that sooner or later we’ll be back to our things, but this shit has to stop stealing our older people and memories.

“Coming to Hangarvain’s world, we have many things just planned for Summer 2021. Hopefully we will have some good time at Hills Of Rock and after that we will be touring Europe with Michael Schenker in the Autumn.

“We can’t wait to come back to England for Planet Rockstock in December.

“We see the light at the end of this dark wood.”

Any message for MetalTalk readers and the wider Rock and Metal community?

“Yes, absolutely. We want to thank you guys at MetalTalk for this great interview and to all the true Rockers out there, we want to say keep yourselves safe and in great shape, because the season of Rock and Roll will come back and we will be together soon living again the great emotions we all love to be part of.

“In the meantime, please check out ‘Animal Instinct’, leave a comment on the video and support ALL the young bands struggling these days to stay alive. Love.”

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