FISH / Watch the new Weltschmerz single ‘This Party’s Over’

11 September 2020

Fish has released the single ‘This Party’s Over’, taken from his final solo album ‘Weltschmerz’, which will be released 25 September 2020. The track is an upbeat folk inspired track, focussing on the changing of the Prog Master’s habits.

Fish told us the song was inspired by a time “when I started to become concerned about my drinking”.

Having been a renowned bon vivant, Fish has in recent years changed his habits and this song examines the positives of these changes.

The final album will bring down the curtain of his career.

“These songs are autobiographical,” Fish says, “I’m involved in all of them and I didn’t realise that until I sang them in the studio.

“There’s a lot of self-examination going on here, and I learned a great deal about myself in the making of this album.

“This is my defining statement. I knew that I couldn’t do anything more in music.

“It’s time to walk away. The pandemic has taught me that I need to take the rhythm of my life right down.

“That’s why ‘Weltschmerz’ is the perfect ending to it all.”

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