Exclusive / Sisyphean – Neuroscience and Black Metal Collide in Explosive Release

Following a successful European tour and the release of their well-received sophomore album Colours of Faith in 2022, Lithuanian atmospheric Black Metal act Sisyphean returns with a new single and lyric video, Through Corrosion, released release exclusively today at MetalTalk via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Words: Jools Green

Through Corrosion opens on a wall of jangling riffs that surge towards you. These continue to dominate the track superbly throughout, a key aspect of Sisyphean’s signature sound.

Lyrically, it explores the neural basis of self. This is the idea of using neuroscience to understand the biological processes of our perception of self-understanding. The track also explores embodied cognition and, generally, the psychology of self.

“Musically, Through Corrosion is quite straightforward and moving,” Dainius told Metaltalk, “so the lyrics reflect this quality by being very physical and somatic. In the broad sense, the human condition is the main poetic topic within the band, but this time there is little space for metaphysics and abstraction.”

With acerbic vocals that cut through with scathing intent and an unnerving melodic blackened undercurrent, this is a brilliant new piece written on tour and tested to a live crowd. Now it is released as a studio recording, which on listening to this version, must certainly have gone down an absolute storm.

“After releasing Colours of Faith last year, we focused on gigging activities and the live presentation of the album,” the band told us. “However, creativity is a constant effort in Sisyphean, and we have a new single, Through Corrosion, a song that we played live in a lot of recent gigs, so some might already be familiar with it.”

Sisyphean - Through Corrosion out now
Sisyphean – Through Corrosion out now

Also included is a live version of the track Hearts Of Mercury. This was recorded at the Mercury Booking showcase in Vilnius, Lithuania, in 2021. Hearts Of Mercury is one of the blistering offerings from the Colours of Faith album, here delivered as a live piece. Clearly translating well in a live setting, it’s packed with intensity, drama and menace, leaving me thinking how much I’d now like to catch them live myself.

Through Corrosion is available from https://orcd.co/z276opx.

For anyone interested in catching them live, here are the upcoming live dates for Sisyphean:

4 May – Vilnius, Lithuania, nArauti

5 May – Brno, Czech Republic, Kabinet MÙZ

6 May – Prague, Czech Republic, Transcending Obscurity Fest

7 May – Warsaw, Poland, Chmury

14 October – Jarocin, Poland, Black Waves Fest

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