Die Ego On The Hypnotic Executioner Ahead Of Saints Of Death Tour

74 Days Staring At The Void, the ripping album from Die Ego, has been out for six months. The band today released The Executioner with a gripping video as they prepare to go on the road with Canadian band Saints Of Death.

MetalTalk Editor Steve Ritchie caught up with Die Ego guitarist Diego Ignacio Fardel as we look forward to the tour. 74 Days Staring At The Void is a great album, something I described as a masterclass in aggressive atmospheric Metal on its release, and Diego says he is happy with the reception the album has been getting.

“We had the opportunity to play a few times,” Diego says. “We’ve played a couple of times in London. We played The Dev for the album release party. Then we played The Underworld, supporting Nervosa. We went to Italy in June, and now we are heading back on tour. So far, it’s going great. People are enjoying listening to the new album.”

Diego says the Italian tour was great. “Out first time going there,” he says. “We didn’t know what the spec was in terms of places and venues, but the reception was great. Some people were really listening to the band and just waiting to see us. You’ve got to conquer in a way so people can discover you. Some people already knew the band, some people who probably never heard the band before and they enjoyed it. People ended up buying the record or a t-shirt, which makes it worth it. Hopefully, we can go back next year. We’re already having conversations with some places, so that’s on the agenda.”

The Executioner is a song based on The Electric Executioner, the Lovecraft rewrite of a de Castro story. This is a great track, fast, aggressive, in-your-face, and presented with a wonderful animated film by Unit 15 Productions. The latter part of the original story is based around a tall man who has invented an improved model of an electric chair in the form of a hat, which he wants to test on the narrator while they are on a train.

“The song is a story, Diego says. “We do songs in the band that are more personal, and we talk about certain things. This one was written by Gabe [Scapigliati, bass/vocals] and tells the story of this executioner who is chasing this guy. The first time I saw the lyrics, I was like, OK, this is a bit crazy, but it matched the intensity of the song.”

A fascinating aspect of the song is the latter half breakdown, which, when watching the film and understanding the story, makes it an enthralling audio/visual experience. “The breakdown is like a different song,” Diego says. “It’s that part when the guy is chasing him and eventually killing him. I love that. It was fun to do the video.”

The length of the breakdown is a minute shorter than the album version. “It’s a very intense track, and playing it live is a blast because it becomes a bit hypnotic,” Diego says. “It’s kind of like a drum solo at the end and goes crazy with double kick. It’s fun to play.”

I love how this is depicted visually in the film. The chase at the end is wonderful to watch, and the breakdown just drags you in. “That’s the thing,” Diego says. “We build up the whole video up to that moment. The moment the breakdown comes, you can see in the video a hand. You’re not going to get away. The chase that happens in the city represents the album cover. We always play with the imagery of purple colours. It’s an empty city, so the whole idea is them running in that city to connect all the links.”


23oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | LondonNew Cross Inn

24oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | WolverhamptonThe Giffard Arms

26oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | NewcastleTrillians

27oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | LeicesterThe Metal Monacle

28oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | BoltonThe York

29oct7:00 pmSaints Of Death - Die Ego | NorthamptonKing Billy

The tour with the Canadian band Saints Of Death kicks off on Monday, and MetalTalk will be there. “We have been rehearsing and, yeah, we’re very excited,” Diego says. Monday is The New Cross Inn, south of the river. “It’s our local gig,” Diego says. “We encourage all our London friends and listeners to come down to support us. It’s a good opportunity to check the Saints Of Death because they come from Canada. So where else are you’re gonna get this opportunity to see a band from Canada? For us touring with them, we are very excited about the whole experience. It’s gonna be great.”

Canadian Metal band Saints Of Death
Canadian Metal band Saints Of Death to tour with Die Ego

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Saints Of Death are a formidable four-piece Metal band known for their distinctive blend of Thrash, Doom, and Hardcore Metal, setting them apart from the crowd.

Inspired by Mexican folklore and the concept of Santa Muerte (Holy Death in Spanish), the band is led by vocalist and eight-string bassist Twan Holliday, a towering figure standing at nearly 7 feet tall. Twan Holliday boasts an impressive resume, not only as a musician but also for his acting roles in prominent Hollywood films and pro wrestling.

Alongside him, the band features the skilled Juan Helluva on lead guitar, Mike Hales on the thunderous five-string bass, and Noah Corps on drums, culminating in a formidable and ferocious lineup.

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