Cypher16 / Raise the bar with ‘Push Through The Water’

Exciting new British Rockers Cypher16 have today released ‘Push Through The Water’, from their upcoming second full length album ‘It’s A Long Way Back (From This Road)’.

Jack Doolan, guitarist and vocalist, told MetalTalk “’Push Through The Water’ is about continually pushing back against what life throws at you. If you give up and start to sink, you can drown. If, however you keep moving and pushing back against the wave, you’ll find that it is actually possible to move through to the other side. Just keep your head above water, and keep going!”

A great, uptempo Metal Track, ‘Push Through The Water’ bodes well for the full album.

Doolan says: “The song moves along at a good pace, and I hope it turns out to be one of our more uplifting and anthemic numbers. The music is for everyone suffering, and we hope that it will send a message to people, letting them know that they aren’t alone, and that whatever their demons are, there’s a way to push through to the other side.

“I hope it resonates with people, especially with the current situation that we’re all going through together!”

Cypher16 released their debut album ‘The Great Surveyor’ in late 2015 and have since gone on to tour through 17 countries.

And if the standard of ‘Push Through The Water’ is maintained on the rest of the new album, then Cypher16’s status of one of the UK’s brightest young Metal bands is assured.

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