The HU / Homecoming show to air Sunday night

The HU have filmed their homecoming live show which will be aired on Mongolian TV and via the bands Facebook and YouTube platforms this Sunday evening (28 June 2020) at 6pm UK Time.

The concert, filmed from the White Rock Centre in Ulaanbaatar (with no audience present), is part of a televised charity event to help those in Mongolia affected by Coronavirus.

Gala of The HU tells us: “Let’s beat this pandemic united as one. We will soon reunite and celebrate through music!”

Having been stranded in Australia, as the Covid-19 situation was rearing its ugly head and their world tour was aborted, The HU were eventually repatriated with the help of The Mongolian Government and a long journey back via South Korea and Germany.

Having been awarded Order of Genghis Khan, it is no wonder that their Government stepped in to help.

But that time in Australia certainly highlighted their courage, resilience and unity, as their supported each other and started work on album number two.

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