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Goatwhore lift the bar of excellence even higher

Goatwhore release Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven via Metal Blade Records. It has lifted that bar of excellence even higher, packing a massive punch. @goatwhorenola @metalbladerecords

Goatwhore / Louis B. Falgoust II is a master of his craft, says Sammy Duet

Goatwhore. On the eve of the release of Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven, Sammy Duet was good enough to have a chat with MetalTalk's Paul Hutchings about the album, touring, the NOLA scene and what to expect from their 2023 European tour with Revocation. @goatwhorenola Interview: @hutchie224

Upon Your Grave / Gold And Decay is powerful meld of Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore

Upon Your Grave - Gold And Decay is a powerful, meld of Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore, offering brutality, crushing breakdowns and brutal snarling vocals. @uponyourgrave

Autopsy deliver their promised ” raw, rough and ugly ride” on Morbidity Triumphant

Autopsy - Morbidity Triumphant. The prospect of hearing Chris Reifert snarling his way through eleven tracks of invigoratingly raw Death Metal is a welcome one. @autopsyofficial @peacevillerecords

Gaerea / Mirage is powerful, evocative and unnerving but utterly irresistible

Album review - Gaerea - Mirage (Season of Mist). Shrouded in obscurity, Portuguese masked Black Metallers Gaerea return with their latest offering Mirage. @gaerea_ @seasonofmistofficial

Mork / Atmospheric Black Metal, delivered in fine Norwegian style

In under two decades, they've gone from a side project to one of Norway's most highly regarded Black Metal outfits. The quality of the back catalogue shows why. @mork.official @peacevillerecords

Behemoth / Opvs Contra Natvram is intoxicating and intense

Opvs Contral Natvram may not be as instant as the 2018 record, but once you are involved, the result is intoxicating. Words: @hutchie224 @behemothofficial @nuclearblastrecords

Angrrsth and Czort / Excellent Polish Black Metal at its most vital

W Czeluść, a split release from Polish Black Metal bands Angrrsth and Czort, is an absolute beast of an EP. Two bands show Polish Black Metal at its most vital. @angrrsth #Czort @godz_ov_war_productions

Premiere / Grimner shed blood, sweat and tears for Västerled

Grimner premiere their new single Västerled today at MetalTalk. The heavy folk Metal song is taken from their upcoming album Urfader, due later this year. @grimnerband

Eaten By Sharks bring aquatic brutality to Technical Death Metal

Ontario's Technical Death Metal newcomers Eaten By Sharks bring a new wave of aquatic brutality with their debut offering Eradication. Stay out of the water.

Blood Of Indigo immediately impresses with ambitious debut

Dawn Of The Shaded World, the debut album from Symphonic Gothic Metal band Blood of Indigo, is an ambitious offering that immediately impresses and is probably not what you would necessarily expect from a first release. @bloodofindigo_

Carrion Vael / Abhorrent Obsessions written with “absolute savagery”

Carrion Vael release Abhorrent Obsessions, an album melding a strong Technical Death Metal element with Melodic and traditional Death Metal plus aspects of subtly delivered Slam as well as a symphonic edge. @carrionvael @uniqueleaderrecords

Album Of The Week / 30 years unbowed, Krisiun still bring brutality

Krisiun release Mortem Solis, a worthy addition to a catalogue that stands alongside most of their peers with ease. Words: @hutchie224 @krisiun @centurymediarecords

Daidalos / The Expedition oozes suspense and atmosphere

Tobias Püschner, Daidalos releases The Expedition a hugely immersive, utterly fascinating listen. @daidalosmusic

Vulvodynia, Pintglass, Emerald Eyes and Abuse at The Junction, Plymouth

Vulvodynia, Pintglass, Emerald Eyes, Abuse. The Junction, Plymouth. 9 July 2022. Jools Green reports on a night of live Death Metal. Photography: @keithconlinphotography @vulvodyniaslam

Inhuman Condition / Thrash-infused Death Metal as technically perfect as possible

Album review. Inhuman Condition - Fearsick, (Listenable Insanity Records. Massacre’s loss was definitely Inhuman Condition’s gain. @inhuman_condition_band

Begrime Exemious / Guaranteed to leave a filthy trail of apocalyptic devastation

Album review. Begrime Exemious. Rotting In The Aftermath. Crank up the volume and brace for aural impact, leaving a trail of apocalyptic devastation.@begrimeexemious @darkdescentrecords

Protector / Excessive Outburst Of Depravity shows you can’t keep a good thrasher down

Protector - Excessive Outburst Of Depravity (High Roller Records). Album Review.You can't keep a good thrasher down, they say, something that goes doubly for Thrash Metal veterans Protector. @protectorofdeath666 @highrollerrecordsofficial
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