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I Am The Night release an absolute must-listen for all Black Metal fans

While The Gods Are Sleeping does make an impressive and memorable listen, partly for the slightly nostalgic aspect.An absolute must-listen for all Black Metal fans, particularly '90s fans and Dissection fans. @iamthenightofficial @svartrecords

Album Of The Week / Static Abyss – a masterclass in flesh searing Death/Doom

Static Abyss' debut offering, Labyrinth Of Veins, promises to deliver a dose of eerie Death/Doom Metal depravity as a new mouthpiece for a rotten age.Labyrinth Of Veins is a masterclass in flesh searing Death/Doom. Chris and Greg make a formidable and impressive duo. @static_abyss @peacevillerecords

Speckmann Project / Resurrected with old school, filthy Death Metal of Fiends Of Emptiness

Thirty years after the debut album was released, one of the pioneers of Extreme Metal, Paul Speckmann, has resurrected his Speckmann Project.If you enjoy old school, filthy Death Metal, then Fiends Of Emptiness should definitely appeal to you. @paulspeckmann @emanzipationprod

Matricide / Walk Into The Flames is Groove Metal done well

Matricide have today released the Walk Into The Flames, their first new music this year.Walk Into The Flames is Groove Metal done well. A beautifully fluid track. @matricideofficial

Nonsun / Blood And Spirit is a slightly unnerving and powerfully compelling listen

Drone/Doom/Sludge Metal quartet Nonsun, from Lviv in Ukraine, return with the follow up to their 2018 debut album Black Snow Desert.They have certainly become more ambitious and, in many respects, heavier with this release. @nonsun_band @dunkrecords

Blood Torrent / Innovative, unique and varied on Void Universe

Album Review. Blood Torrent release Void Universe, a meld of old school Black Metal with progressive elements, alongside influences of classic Hard Rock / Punk.An album that is well varied and holds your attention. @bloodtorrent_official @trollzorn_records

Agathodaimon / “It was awesome,” Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul

INTERVIEW: Sathonys from Agathodaimon. "It was awesome," Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul.With The Seven, "my focus was to close the gap between our old roots and a modern approach." @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial @ashtrael_agathodaimon @martin.wickler

Kvaen / The Great Below magnificently treads a well-worn path

Album Review: Kvaen release The Great Below released via Black Lion Records.I love every track for different reasons. An exhilarating end to end listen. @officialkvaen @blacklionrecordsswe

Defechate / Unbounded both brutal and uniquely free thinking

Album Review: Defechate release Unbounded, via Great Dane Records, brutalising our senses further.Unbounded has a sharper focus of direction whilst still being both brutal and uniquely free thinking. @defechate @greatdanerecords

Falamh / Aeons Effigy, “the journey and discovery of oneself”

Falamh - Aeons Effigy album review. Falamh release EP Aeons Effigy, succeeding in the aim to deliver something more memorable with a stage presence.The whole EP is very reflective, atmospheric and easy to listen to. @falamh.official

Agathodaimon make a welcome return with The Seven

Album Review: German Dark Metal outfit Agathodaimon return from their eight-year hiatus with their seventh studio release, The Seven.Overall, The Seven makes an engaging and intriguing listen and a welcome return by Agathodaimon. @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

Idol Of Fear hold that wonderful air of unnerving strangeness

Album Review: Idol Of Fear - Trespasser. End to end Trespasser has a magnificently bleak and darkly foreboding air throughout.It's a superb offering. "I can't help but marvel how far Idol Of Fear have come in eight years with Trespasser." @idoloffear @somnolence.productions

Los Suffers secure place in Brazilian underground Metal scene

Album review. Los Suffers release Quando a Chama se Apaga, six tracks of heavy melancholic fuzzy, sludgy Stoner/Doom Metal.As debut offerings go, Quando a Chama se Apaga is a promising start. @lossuffersofficial @abraxas_records

Warfist / Teufels is hugely impactful Black and Thrash Metal

Poland's Black Thrash Metal trio Warfist have always unleashed a blistering trail of music, delivering a vital dose of early '80s style thrashing attitude.Teufels is definitely an album for you. It's a great listen that also gives you a lot to think about.@warfist.horde @godz_ov_war_productions

Midnight / You need Let There Be Witchery in your life as it’s utter genius

Album review: If you are a fan of any of the past albums, you'll love extreme Metal album Let There Be Witchery.It's another classic dose of Midnight by Ahtenar.@midnightviolators @metalbladerecords

Cryptworm / Spewing Mephitic Putridity is some of the dirtiest Death Metal

Death Metal Album Review. Cryptworm release Spewing Mephitic Putridity, the debut full-length from the gore encrusted Death Metal duo.This thirty-three-minute festering offering is some of the dirtiest Death Metal you will hear.#cryptworm @extremelyrottenprod @pulverised @mesacounojo

Firebreather release a must-have album for Stoner/Doom Metal fans

Dwell In The Fog from the Swedish trio Firebreather, for me, absolutely hits the spot.A wonderful release to immerse and lose yourself completely, its an absolute must-have for Stoner/Doom Metal fans.@firebreathergbg @easyriderrecord

Mortuary Drape / Mysteries of the occult with a classic ’90s feel

Album Review. Mortuary Drape return with their new studio EP Wisdom - Vibration - Repent. The album is an impressive successor to 2014s full-length Spiritual Independence. @mortuarydrapeofficial @peacevillerecords
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