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Athiria / A Ferocious Return To The Death Metal Scene

Album Review: Athiria - Conjure The Beast. A Fusion of Black and Death Metal with Intense Tracks and Fiery Melodies. An album you will want to check out. Words: @hutchie224 @athiria666

Aglo An Exciting Death/Doom Metal Journey Through The Cosmos

Aglo - Build Fear: Merging Metal and Star Trek! A slow, crushing cosmic journey with down-tuned guitars and Death Metal vibes. Resistance may prove futile. Worship the Almighty Riff! Words: Jools Green @aglobrutal

Shylmagoghnar / Rich Black Metal Demands Your Full Attention

Album Review: Shylmagoghnar - Convergence (Napalm Records). A mesmerising blend of atmospheric Black Metal, haunting instrumentals, and mind-bending compositions. Words: @hutchie224 @shylmagoghnar_official @napalmrecordsofficial

WarCrab / The Howling Silence A Death Metal/Sludge Triumph

WarCrab - The Howling Silence: A Powerful Blend of Death Metal and Sludge with New Dimensions | Transcending Obscurity Records. This album nails it as a studio offering. Words: Jools Green @transcendingobscurity @warcrab_official

Autopsy / The Uncompromising Death Metal Of Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts

Autopsy new album Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts. A relentless assault of sick, twisted, and uncompromising Death Metal. Get ready for creative surprises and pure brutality. Words: Jools Green @autopsyofficial @peacevillerecords

Asagraum / New Album Is A Black Metal Masterpiece

Experience the intensely haunting and raw Satanic Black Metal of Asagraum's latest album, Veil Of Death, Ruptured. With a '90s old-school vibe and dark psychedelic undertones, this is a Black Metal masterpiece that will captivate your senses. Available now in multiple formats. @asagraum @edgedcircleprod

Obscura / Celebration, Blistering Progressive Death Metal At Its Finest!

Obscura - A Celebration I: Live in North America - A Blistering Display of Technical Artistry and Raw Glory | Nuclear Blast Records. Catch the band on their UK tour from November. Words: @hutchie224 @realmofobscura @nuclearblastrecords

Kaunis Kuolematon / Mielenvalta Is End To End Death Doom Excellence

The haunting beauty and brutal intensity of Kaunis Kuolematon Mielenvalta. With melodic, darkly bleak compositions guaranteed to get under your skin. Words: Jools Green @kauniskuolematon

War Shepherd / A Melodic Death Metal Debut Triumph

War Shepherd - Act I. Atrocities Beneath A Blue Star: An Intense, Immersive, and Technically Excellent Debut Album from Plymouth's Melodic Death Metal Band Words: Jools Green @warshepherd

Trivax / A Powerful Journey In Eastern Death Magick

Trivax - Eloah Burns Out: A Spectacularly Commanding Offering of Eastern Death Magick in Black Death Metal | Cult Never Dies | Release Date: 29 September 2023 Words: Jools Green @trivax_official @cultneverdies

Album Of The Week / Cannibal Corpse And The Ferociously Bruising Chaos Horrific

Cannibal Corpse Unleashes Chaos Horrific: A Blistering Death Metal Album That Proves Their Legacy Endures | Release Date: 22 September 2023. Metal Blade Records. Words: @Hutchie224 @cannibalcorpseofficial @metalbladerecords

Verderbnis Unleash Debut Album Paria: A Hypnotic Black Metal Offering

Verderbnis - Paria (Black Sunset): A Hypnotic, Melodic Voyage into Progressive Black Metal | Release Date: 22 September 2023 @verderbnis.band

Dantalion Returns With Fatum – A Must-listen For Black Metal Fans

Dantalion Returns with Powerful Ninth Studio Album, Fatum – A Magnificent Black Metal Offering Packed with Emotion and Intensity. A gripping listen end to end. Words: Jools Green @dantalion_official @non_serviam_records

Heads For The Dead / Unnerving Excellence In The Absence Of Faith

Heads For The Dead Returns with Unnerving Excellence: In The Absence Of Faith EP | A Horror-Inspired Death Metal Experience | Out September 1, 2023 Words: Jools Green @headsforthedead @pulverised

Marduk / Memento Mori , Black Metal Guaranteed To Get Under Your Skin

The intense and raw sound of Marduk's fifteenth studio release, Memento Mori. With captivating vocals and catchy brutality, this album is a must-listen. Words: Jools Green @mardukofficial @centurymediarecords

Horrendous / Ontological Mysterium Wonderful Unconventional Death Metal

Horrendous Unleashes their Uniquely Unconventional Death Metal on Ontological Mysterium - A Nostalgic and Complex Journey of an album that is ever-revealing. Words: Jools Green @horrendous_official @seasonofmistofficial

Temple of Dread Unleash Brutal Death Metal with Beyond Acheron

Unleash the Brutality: Temple Of Dread Fourth Studio Album, Beyond Acheron, Set to Amaze with Intense Death Metal Soundscapes and Captivating Classical Themes Words: Jools Green @templeofdreadofficial @testimony_records

Orobas / From Bangladesh to Denmark – New Blackened Death Metal Album Coming Soon

Discover the journey of Blackened Death Metal band Orobas from Bangladesh to Denmark. Learn about their music, lineup changes, and news of upcoming album. Words: Jools Green #Orobas
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