Extreme Metal

The Bleeding / Monokrator is the best Thrash-based album for ages

The Bleeding deliver a fierce beast with Monokrator. A fresh, sharp, and blackened Death/Thrash offering that packs a punch and engages at every twist. Words: Jools Green @thebleedingofficial @redefining_darkness

Pyrexia Reimagine Brutal Death Metal Classic System Of The Animal for 25th Anniversary

Pyrexia sound brutal like never before with the reimagined release of System Of The Animal 25. This album will reignite your love for Brutal Death Metal. Words: Jools Green @pyrexiaofficial

The Arcane Order Returns With Epic Danish Extreme Metal Album, Distortions From Cosmogony

The Arcane Order returns with a much-awaited follow-up to their 2015 album. Distortions From Cosmogony, weaves elements of melodic death metal and technical riffs. Danish Extreme Metal at its finest. Words: Jools Green @thearcaneorderofficial @blacklionrecordsswe

Ruïm and the powerful Black Metal of Black Royal Spiritism – I-O Sino da Igreja

Ruïm / The powerful Black Metal of Black Royal Spiritism - I-O Sino da Igreja. A commandingly powerful listen of inspirational quality, lyrical content and delivery. Words: Jools Green @black.royal.spiritism @peacevillerecords

Born Into The Twisting Rope – Explosive Debut from Industrial Puke

Born Into The Twisting Rope: A Short, Sharp & to-the-Point Album from Industrial Puke. Featuring 10 tracks of crushing riffs and direct expressions of anger. Words: Jools Green @industrialpuke @suicide_records

Frozen Soul / No warmth from cold-blooded Texans in their second release

The icy imagery of Frozen Soul's sophomore release, Glacial Domination. Expanding sound and newness, this winter-tinged Death Metal album demands a response. Words: @hutchie224 @frozensoultx @centurymediarecords

Cattle Decapitation / Terrasite a Ferocious and Thought-provoking Album

Discover the intense world of Cattle Decapitation's new album, Terrasite, where brutal technical death metal meets environmentalism. Founder Travis Ryan leads the charge with powerful vocals and a metaphor for humanity's destructive role in the planet's demise. Experience the band's career peak in this poignant, powerful album. Words: @hutchie224 @cattledecapitation @metalbladerecords

Unmaker / Limb From Limb as engaging as it is crushing

Unleash your inner Metal head with Irish thrashers Unmaker debut album, Limb From Limb. A fresh take on the genre, it's intense, addictive, and full of surprises. Available May 12, 2023. @unmakermetalirl

G.N.L.S. / Conspiracy Of Thoughts yet another brilliantly unique work

Twelve months after Dødsferd's Wrath returned to his homeland Crete, G.N.L.S. was created, the newest claustrophobic project between himself and M. Sarvok.

Exclusive / Sisyphean – Neuroscience and Black Metal Collide in Explosive Release

Sisyphean share their new Black Metal single Through Corrosion. Uncover the neural basis of self through their scathing vocals and unnerving blackened melodies. @sisyphean.official @transcendingobscurity Words: Jools Green/@rock_pixs

Dødsferd / The best dark ambient-based offering for some time

A collaboration between Dødsferd and M. Sarvok in Asphyxiating Late Night Sessions. Experience the raw, acoustic, and experimental sounds of this unique release that merges Nihilism, misanthropy, anti-religion, total chaos, death, and destruction.

Alpha Wolf – King 810 – ten56 – Xile – The Asylum, Birmingham

Gig Review - Alpha Wolf - King 810 - ten56 - Xile - The Asylum, Birmingham. A fantastic night of Extreme Metal showing this is the most exciting genre of music. Words and Photo: @andyshaw16 @alphawolfcvlt @king810flint @ten56hq @xile_hc @theasylumvenue

Enforced Unleashes Their Most Brutal Album Yet: War Remains

Enforced - War Remains - A slice of ferocity that establishes Enforced's already rising reputation. This is an album that will be on the playlist for months. Words: @hutchie224 @enforcedrva @centurymediarecords

Graveworm Returns After Eight-year Hiatus with Crushing New Album Killing Innocence

Graveworm returns after 8 years with Killing Innocence. A dark and melodic blend of Black, Death and Gothic Metal, perfect for fans of Kreator and Slayer. @gravewormofficial @afm.records

MMXX / Doom Metal Supergroup Strikes Again With The Next Wave

Discover MMXX latest offering, The Next Wave, a haunting three-song EP featuring guest artists Mikko Kotamäki, Mick Moss, and Alicia Nurho. @mmxxdoom @candlelightrec

Altari / Kröflueldar a Unique and Fascinating Twist on Icelandic Black Metal

Altari debut album Kröflueldar is inspired by Iceland's electric fires. Pushing the boundaries of Black Metal, this unique release will leave you mesmerised. @altariiceland @svartrecords

Verminous Serpent / A doom drenched occult-filled blackened offering

Verminous Serpent Album Review - Made in Ireland, The Malign Covenant disturbs with its Doom drenched occult-filled blackened offering. Words: @hutchie224 @verminousserpent @amorfatiproductions

Dystersol/ Anaemic a Powerful and Engaging Concept of Modern Death Metal

Get ready to be blown away by Dystersol - Anaemic. This concept album about a fictional serial killer packs a punch, with complex riffs and haunting lead work. @dystersol.band @mdd_records
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