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Agathodaimon / “It was awesome,” Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul

INTERVIEW: Sathonys from Agathodaimon. "It was awesome," Sathonys says of working again with Vlad Dracul.With The Seven, "my focus was to close the gap between our old roots and a modern approach." @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial @ashtrael_agathodaimon @martin.wickler

Kvaen / The Great Below magnificently treads a well-worn path

Album Review: Kvaen release The Great Below released via Black Lion Records.I love every track for different reasons. An exhilarating end to end listen. @officialkvaen @blacklionrecordsswe

Defechate / Unbounded both brutal and uniquely free thinking

Album Review: Defechate release Unbounded, via Great Dane Records, brutalising our senses further.Unbounded has a sharper focus of direction whilst still being both brutal and uniquely free thinking. @defechate @greatdanerecords

Falamh / Aeons Effigy, “the journey and discovery of oneself”

Falamh - Aeons Effigy album review. Falamh release EP Aeons Effigy, succeeding in the aim to deliver something more memorable with a stage presence.The whole EP is very reflective, atmospheric and easy to listen to. @falamh.official

Agathodaimon make a welcome return with The Seven

Album Review: German Dark Metal outfit Agathodaimon return from their eight-year hiatus with their seventh studio release, The Seven.Overall, The Seven makes an engaging and intriguing listen and a welcome return by Agathodaimon. @agathodaimonofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

Idol Of Fear hold that wonderful air of unnerving strangeness

Album Review: Idol Of Fear - Trespasser. End to end Trespasser has a magnificently bleak and darkly foreboding air throughout.It's a superb offering. "I can't help but marvel how far Idol Of Fear have come in eight years with Trespasser." @idoloffear @somnolence.productions

Los Suffers secure place in Brazilian underground Metal scene

Album review. Los Suffers release Quando a Chama se Apaga, six tracks of heavy melancholic fuzzy, sludgy Stoner/Doom Metal.As debut offerings go, Quando a Chama se Apaga is a promising start. @lossuffersofficial @abraxas_records

Warfist / Teufels is hugely impactful Black and Thrash Metal

Poland's Black Thrash Metal trio Warfist have always unleashed a blistering trail of music, delivering a vital dose of early '80s style thrashing attitude.Teufels is definitely an album for you. It's a great listen that also gives you a lot to think about.@warfist.horde @godz_ov_war_productions

Midnight / You need Let There Be Witchery in your life as it’s utter genius

Album review: If you are a fan of any of the past albums, you'll love extreme Metal album Let There Be Witchery.It's another classic dose of Midnight by Ahtenar.@midnightviolators @metalbladerecords

Cryptworm / Spewing Mephitic Putridity is some of the dirtiest Death Metal

Death Metal Album Review. Cryptworm release Spewing Mephitic Putridity, the debut full-length from the gore encrusted Death Metal duo.This thirty-three-minute festering offering is some of the dirtiest Death Metal you will hear.#cryptworm @extremelyrottenprod @pulverised @mesacounojo

Firebreather release a must-have album for Stoner/Doom Metal fans

Dwell In The Fog from the Swedish trio Firebreather, for me, absolutely hits the spot.A wonderful release to immerse and lose yourself completely, its an absolute must-have for Stoner/Doom Metal fans.@firebreathergbg @easyriderrecord

Mortuary Drape / Mysteries of the occult with a classic ’90s feel

Album Review. Mortuary Drape return with their new studio EP Wisdom - Vibration - Repent. The album is an impressive successor to 2014s full-length Spiritual Independence. @mortuarydrapeofficial @peacevillerecords

Black Altar and Vulture Lord are well-paired on Dethiah Manifesto

Black Altar and Vulture Lord well-paired on Dethiah Manifesto. Polish Black Metallers Black Altar and Norwegian Black/Thrash Vulture Lord add four tracks each. @blackaltarband #VultureLord @odiumrecords

Kemerov / Anti-Hero is as irresistible as it is brutal

Four years after the release of their debut album FMKD, Greek four-piece Death 'n' Rollers Kemerov are back with another aural assault, Anti-Hero. Anti-Hero is such an in your face and addictive listen it's guaranteed to drop kick you into next week! @kemerov_gr

Brood of Hatred / The Golden Age is a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen

Muhammed Mêlki is back with his wonderfully fluid meld of Metal, releasing The Golden Age, a superbly head spinning and enthralling listen. Definitely worth your attention if you enjoy something a little more adventurous in your Metal. @broodofhatred

Burned In Effigy / Bigger, better, Rex Mortem will leave you stunned and impressed

REVIEW: Burned In Effigy weave a sublime meld of classical and progressive elements into their tracks. The result makes their debut full length, Rex Mortem, a stunning and essential listen. @burned_in_effigy

Chaos Perversion / Sensory annihilation of classic South American Extreme Metal style

Chilean Black/Death Metal duo Chaos Perversion are set to unleash their debut EP, Petrified Against the Emanation, upon the unsuspecting world. @sentientruin @death_total

Lawnmower Deth / Blunt Cutters is an album to lift the cobwebs of despair

With no album from "legendary garden machinery obsessed Thrash/Crossover titans" Lawnmower Deth since '93s Billy, all that is about to change with Blunt Cutters @lawnmowerdeth_pete @dissonance_productions
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