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Exclusive: Atom Smasher A Rising Force Of Progressive Thrash/Death Metal

Exclusive Interview: Atom Smasher, Plymouth's Rising Progressive Thrash/Death Metal Trio | Interview and First Single Release, Thunberg And Lightning. Words: Jools Green @atomsmashermetal

Blood Red Throne To Release The Blisteringly Good Nonagon

Album Review: Blood Red Throne - Nonagon. A Subtly Technical Masterpiece of Death Metal, this album is sure to be an absolute winner live. Blisteringly Good. Words: Jools Green @soulsellerrecords @bloodredthroneofficial

The Infernal Sea / High Bar Set For Extreme Metal In 2024

Album review: The Infernal Sea – Hellfenlic (Candlelight Records). An end-to-end listening joy, setting the Extreme Metal bar for 2024 very high indeed. Words: Jools Green @theinfernalsea @candlelightrec

Black Metal – Evolution Of The Cult Is Beyond Impressive

The ultimate book Black Metal - Evolution Of The Cult. Explore the growth through stunning photography and in-depth interviews with over sixty influential bands.

Panzerchrist / New EP A Haunting And Intense Metal Offering

Album Review: Panzerchrist All Witches Shall Burn EP. The intense and haunting sound of Panzerchrist. Four tracks that will leave you spellbound. Words: Jools Green @panzerchristofficial

H8teball / The Heavy And Cathartic Joy Of Heathen

The blistering sound of Kirkcaldy's masked Metalcore band, H8teball, in their latest EP Heathen. With grove-rich melodies and powerful vocals, a must-listen. Words: Jools Green @h8teball2019

Serpents Oath / The Dynamic And Lethal Efficiency Of Revelation

Album Review: Serpents Oath. The Dynamic And Lethal Efficiency Of Revelation. Belgian Black Metal musically treads old ground with dynamic and lethal efficiency. Words: Jools Green @serpentsoath @odiumrecords

Swansong / The Fascinating Fresh And Modern Twist Of Awakening

Album Review. Swansong - Awakening A Fresh Twist on Melodic Death Metal. The hauntingly beautiful sound of Finland's newest sensation. Powerful and uplifting. Words: Jools Green @officialswansong @nobledemonrecords

Absque Cor / Raw Black Metal with unpredictable surprises

Album Review: Absque Cor - Na Zawsze Cieniem…: A Raw and Intense Polish Black Metal Offering with Atmospheric Depths | Release Date: November 24, 2023 Words: Jools Green #AbsqueCor @godz_ov_war_productions

Black Pyre Return With A Powerful Welsh Black Metal Album

Album Review: Black Pyre - Fall of the Northern Kingdom. Black Pyre returns: with a potent and heady mix of old-school and contemporary Black Metal. Impressive. Words: @hutchie224 @blackpyreband

Void Below / World Undone, A Lovecraft-inspired Death Metal Journey

Album Review: The dark, Lovecraft-inspired world of Void Below in World Undone. Dive in the abyss of their haunting Death Metal sound with an eerie atmosphere. Words: Jools Green @voidbelowband

Foetal Juice / Grotesque, An Absolute Maelstrom Of Sound

Album Review: Foetal Juice - Grotesque. A feast of dark humour and diabolical Death Metal. From hilarious scenarios to intense riffs, this is a must-listen. Words: Jools Green @foetaljuice @gorehouseproductions

Athiria / A Ferocious Return To The Death Metal Scene

Album Review: Athiria - Conjure The Beast. A Fusion of Black and Death Metal with Intense Tracks and Fiery Melodies. An album you will want to check out. Words: @hutchie224 @athiria666

Aglo An Exciting Death/Doom Metal Journey Through The Cosmos

Aglo - Build Fear: Merging Metal and Star Trek! A slow, crushing cosmic journey with down-tuned guitars and Death Metal vibes. Resistance may prove futile. Worship the Almighty Riff! Words: Jools Green @aglobrutal

Shylmagoghnar / Rich Black Metal Demands Your Full Attention

Album Review: Shylmagoghnar - Convergence (Napalm Records). A mesmerising blend of atmospheric Black Metal, haunting instrumentals, and mind-bending compositions. Words: @hutchie224 @shylmagoghnar_official @napalmrecordsofficial

WarCrab / The Howling Silence A Death Metal/Sludge Triumph

WarCrab - The Howling Silence: A Powerful Blend of Death Metal and Sludge with New Dimensions | Transcending Obscurity Records. This album nails it as a studio offering. Words: Jools Green @transcendingobscurity @warcrab_official

Autopsy / The Uncompromising Death Metal Of Ashes, Organs, Blood And Crypts

Autopsy new album Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts. A relentless assault of sick, twisted, and uncompromising Death Metal. Get ready for creative surprises and pure brutality. Words: Jools Green @autopsyofficial @peacevillerecords

Asagraum / New Album Is A Black Metal Masterpiece

Experience the intensely haunting and raw Satanic Black Metal of Asagraum's latest album, Veil Of Death, Ruptured. With a '90s old-school vibe and dark psychedelic undertones, this is a Black Metal masterpiece that will captivate your senses. Available now in multiple formats. @asagraum @edgedcircleprod
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