Bamboozle / Feisty New EP Bamboozled Showcases Energetic Swing Rock

Swinging big and hitting hard, Bamboozle’s latest EP, Bamboozled, is a feisty and spirited four-song teaser into the world of this unique and energetic band.

Bamboozle – Bamboozled EP

Release Date: 21 June 2024

Words: Emma Brown

The band is fronted by self-proclaimed ‘Bass Pixie’ Serena Sykes, who is well known for her stage presence being nothing short of extraordinary.

If singing while playing a gigantic double bass wasn’t hard enough, she is also seen balancing on her double bass (in heels) and playing it at the same time. Starring alongside Jim Knowler on guitar and Jax Titmus on drums, the trio have taken this dynamic live-performance energy and transferred a healthy dose of it onto this latest EP.

Bamboozle - Bamboozled EP
Bamboozle – Bamboozled EP

The EP begins with a swing/jazz cover of the popular 21 Pilots song Heathens. I do give the band points here for this creative reimagining of this song. Due to the style change, it gives the song a lighter meaning in comparison to the original version, which is quite serious.

In general, the mix on this album feels quite raw, and because of this you could say that there is more of a live/studio feel. It’s up to the listener’s individual personal taste as to whether you enjoy this style of mixing or not, but for me I wished that the vocals and bass were a little quieter in the mix to let the drums also come through.

The EP then shifts to the band’s original songs, starting with Bleed, a very cool, funky-sounding track that I personally enjoyed due to the song’s mix being more well-balanced but ultimately still driven by the bass.

Track three, Rockin’ Man, and track four, Ice Cold Beer, really finish off this EP with a bang. They’re probably the two more traditional rock ‘n’ roll/swing songs on the record, from the vocal style to the backing vocals and the melody.

Here, the band really flourish in terms of songwriting and style. Ice Cold Beer even switches things up by having a male vocalist for this song, which is a nice change to round off the album.

Overall, Bamboozled is a fun and stylish EP, with influences mainly from the iconic rock ‘n’ roll and swing era, but withsome loving nods to modern rock as well.

It’s clear that when the band follow their own hearts and sticks true to their creative ideas, that’s really when the magic happens.

Bamboozle is definitely a band to keep an eye on, as even in this four song EP they show a great deal of creativity and wonderful musicianship.

I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing where the band takes their art in the future.

Bamboozle has a Kickstarter to raise funds for a Rockin’ Man Music Video. “After five years of no new music,” the band says, “with a brand new look and music, the project needs a music video.” Full details are available here.

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