Ashen Reach / The Beauty And Depth Of New Single Lost

Today sees the release of Lost, the third instalment from the forthcoming EP The Fear by Merseyside sensations Ashen Reach. Some may recall my review of the initial single Ghosts (available here), where I noted the new material sees them build upon their distinctive rhythmic foundation with an upsurge in the intricacy of both the compositions and arrangements.

Ashen Reach - Station 18 Festival October 2023.
The story behind Station 18 Festival. Ashen Reach – Station 18 Festival 2023. Photo: Paul Hutchings/MetalTalk

Lost is yet another progression and packs so much musicality into a concise, sub-four-minutes. This is an accessible and increasingly infectious offering.

Lyrically, the theme gives the impression of being hopelessly adrift on a bitter, endless ocean. However, it’s the allegorical psychological perspective that synchronises with the tumultuous swirling arrangement.

The sound of waves reaching the shoreline, yielding to a two-part twin guitar cascade sitting majestically atop a symphonic base, gets the track underway.

The immediate contrast between the clean and harsh vocals symbolises the narrator’s insecurity, while the encircling interweaving guitars characterise the overwhelming psychological noise.  

The brief mid-section tranquillity is akin to a few moments of lucidity, accepting disorientation before the piece reignites to a climax trailed by the fade of the lyrical refrain “I can’t find my way, can’t find my way………”

Lost sees a move away from a typical song structure and, as such, emphasises the beauty and depth of each component part, which are so gloriously aided by the crystalline and perfectly proportioned production.

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Such are the philharmonic undertones; this is a number I suggest be one day afforded an extended performance with a full orchestral backing. Think of a string section in full flow supplementing the eddying sonic tempest. 

Why not?

Having heard the complete EP, it is discernible how each song forms its own distinct segment yet collectively interlock to form a grandiose sonic tapestry that burrows deeper into the consciousness of each play. 

While treading this more elaborate but no less incisive path, one does ponder what manner of sophistication will present itself upon their next full-length release. I, for one, eagerly await the results.

Ashen Reach:

Vocals – Kyle Stanley
Guitar – Paddy Cummins
Guitar – Joe O’Sullivan
Drums – Jess Stanley

Bass provided by Phil Dyer

Sleeve Notes

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