Premiere: Ghosts | The Truth About 500-Year-Old Pirate Queen

When 500-year-old pirates came back from the dead to invade the offices at MetalTalk towers, we knew we were in trouble. As it turned out, Pirate Queen, from the Bermuda Triangle, were not too scary. They were wielding their cutlasses but also their superb new single, Ghosts, the title track from their debut album set for release this spring. We were delighted to premiere the song this morning.

“‘Ahoy Matey, ye’ve found the place with treasures to behold,” the band said. “Us Demon Pirates have come to our friends at MetalTalk with the premiere of Pirate Queen’s Ghosts. Welcome aboard with Pirate Queen.”

Ghosts is a dramatic and eerie conceptual song with a story about a séance where five ladies unleash demon pirate ghosts. The mysterious vocals, powerful riffs, and guitar melodies will show you a new side of Pirate Queen. 

The song is a wonderful slice of up-tempo Heavy Metal with a symphonic beauty. Her Majesty’s voice is glorious. Destiny and Victoria’s ice-cold guitar parts and the stunning rhythm section of Luna and Raindrop create a ghostly, haunted sea atmosphere. 

“Prepare to set sail on a Pirate Adventure with Ghosts, an old, creepy Pirate legend,” Pirate Queen said. “A tale that is sure to give you chills.”

Premiere: Pirate Queen - Ghosts. 500-year-old pirates invade MetalTalk. A thrilling and eerie Heavy Metal experience.
“Prepare to set sail on a Pirate Adventure with Ghosts, an old, creepy Pirate legend.”

The video was recorded in the award-winning horror-themed Hotel Insomnia in the Catalonian Mountains. This building is an actual haunted house. Insomnia is the only hotel in the world where each guest room is its own escape room. They guarantee you sleepless nights during your stay.

Formed in 1523, Pirate Queen are returning after 500 years. Today, descendants of famous pirates have settled all over the world, and their kingdoms control the world’s seas to this day. In their society, women hold the highest positions. Some are born in this world, others sent from outer worlds, all loyally serve their queen. 

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Formed in 1523, Pirate Queen are returning after 500 years
Formed in 1523, Pirate Queen are returning after 500 years

Old nautical chronicles mention a time when a group of five girls who are related and united by the gift of piracy will come together. In the ungodly year 2023, the New Pirate Queen took over the command and continued the tradition of her ancestors.

Her Majesty and her team of Heavy Metal Pirates’ mission is to charm and loot. Their Pirate Kingdom’s capital, Lyxion, is a mystical floating island that floats around the Bermuda Triangle. 

“Enjoy yer look around, mateys,” Her Majesty said to all. “And remember, Pirate Queen waits offshore, plotting the next takeover under the flag of the Pirate Nation.”

To order the single Ghosts and more about Pirate Queen, visit here.

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