Archive: Lee Pistolero Quits The Gypsy Pistoleros On Album Launch Party Day

First Published 11th April 2012. Gypsy Pistoleros have a major drama unfolding this morning as founder member Gypsy Lee Pistolero has announced his departure from the band on the day of their album launch party in London’s St Moritz club.

The St Moritz party is now cancelled and Lee made a statement on his Facebook page last night at around midnight BST which you can read in full below.

“Hi amigos, as of today i have left the band i founded GYPSY PISTOLEROS to concentrate on my solo career.

“GYPSY PISTOLEROS are to continue without me and I wish them all ( & my special bro Iggie) the best, most sincerely. I will continue to promote the new album release totally ( I wrote or co-wrote all the songs anyway) Its a f$$kin killer album & should be ‘The Latin Appetite for Destruction’ as a well known actor AB ( Puss in Boots) once said!

“I will begin to promote or re-release ( Remixed, plus new tracks) on Heavy Metal Records ( To be negotiated) my ( Hushed up) solo album ‘DUENDE!’

“I will be touring later in the year as GYPSY PISTOLERO or GYPSY LEE PISTOLERO , depending on HMR & deal concluded. The show will include a Burlesque Troupe & more theatricals & special musical compadres like my old mukker Mark Westwood ( Shadowland, Arena, Neo, Caamora)

“Love ya’s all! & Stick around, coz “here i go again on my own, going down ………………

“I am also involved in co-writing a Steampunk Musical- Fagin’s Star City Rebels”

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