Alter Bridge / Walk The Sky 2.0 a must have live rarity collection

Contrary to popular belief, the COVID-19 lockdown has had some positive results. And one of them is a new product from everyone’s favourite Alternative Metaller’s Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge: Walk The Sky 2.0 (Napalm Records) 

Release Date: 6 November 2020

Words: Brian Boyle

But don’t wet yourself at the expectation of a dozen brand new studio tracks.

This is a well stocked seven track EP, consisting of six live versions of songs from their 2019 album ‘Walk The Sky’, recorded on their recent US Tour.

But as a little Covid bonus they managed to conceive a new track called ‘Last Rites’, which smells and tastes like vintage Alter Bridge.

Cover of Alter Bridge Walk The Sky 2.0

If you were not overly enthralled by the ‘Walk The Sky’ album, the chances are these live renditions will not ring your bell. Having said that, many will say Alter Bridge music properly comes to life in a live situation.

These half a dozen tunes might not go on to be bankers on the setlist, but they are all delivered with AB’s usual weighty punch.

Live opener ‘Wouldn’t You Rather’ sounds gloriously unpolished and a shrewd choice as second song in on the US dates. The agreesive stomp of ‘Pay No Mind’ will not go down as one of their standout compositions, but it more than does it’s job here.

Photo of Alter Bridge, O2 Arena, London.
Alter Bridge. O2 Arena, London. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

The distinctive voice of Myles Kennedy still continues to divide opinion amongst sections of Rock enthusiasts, but love or loathe him he rarely puts a note wrong and not many could go toe to toe with him over a two hour stretch.

And on the emotional drive of ‘Godspeed’ and the haunting power of ‘Dying Light’ his pipes are firing on all cylinders.

Some seasoned concert goers will tell you anymore than a couple of new tunes, especially by a band with an extensive back catalogue, is a comprehensive no-no, and time will tell just how many of these tracks will get the nod on a regular basis.

But for setlist junkies who thrive on live rarities, this is a must have.

Walk The Sky 2.0 Set List:
Last Rites
Wouldn’t You Rather (Live)
Pay No Mind (Live)
Native Son (Live)
Godspeed (Live)
In The Deep (Live)
Dying Light (Live)

Photo of Alter Bridge, O2 Arena, London.
Alter Bridge. O2 Arena, London. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

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