Alter Bridge and Mammoth WVH shake the roof off sold-out History, Toronto

Gig Review - Alter Bridge - Mammoth WVH - History, Toronto - 11 February 2023. AB are kings of the night in an evening of melodic hard rock at its finest. Words and Photography: @taylorcamphotos @officialalterbridge @officialmyleskennedy @officialmyleskennedy @wolfvanhalen @mammothwvh

Alter Bridge close the European Pawns And Kings Tour on a high

Alter Bridge - O2 Arena - 12 December 2022. Tonight has culminated into yet another stylish performance that absolutely reaffirms their rightful place as ultimate rock 'n' roll royalty. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @danybass18 @officialalterbridge @officialmyleskennedy @markttremonti @flip_drums @bmarshall73 @theo2arena

Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra in London – a sincerely special moment

Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra - O2 Indigo - 15 December 2022.London were the first audience to see him and the band play those songs together, and it feels nothing short of a sincerely special moment. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @monty_sewell @markttremonti @officialalterbridge @sinatra

Interview – Alter Bridge – Scott Phillips closes the Pawns And Kings Tour in London

Alter Bridge. Scott 'Flip' Phillips talks about looking forward to Mark Tremonti's Sinatra evening tonight, the Pawns And Kings tour and his love for Projected. Photo: @rock_pixs Interview: @danybass18 @officialalterbridge

Mark Tremonti / Portrait of an Artist

Mark Tremonti is one of the good guys. The Alter Bridge guitarist greeted MetalTalk with a warm to talk about their forthcoming Pawns and Kings album.

Interview / Mark Tremonti, Alter Bridge, winners in the game

Mark Tremonti interview. Alter Bridge release Pawns & Kings. Mark talks about their early career, how important the UK is to their success and the dark days of ABIII. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1 @officialalterbridge @markttremonti @tremontiofficial @officialmyleskennedy

Alter Bridge / Pawns And Kings a staggering new opus in an already glittering career

If there was ever any doubt that Alter Bridge are destined to be one of the biggest bands in the world, Pawns And Kings will blow away any hesitation. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1 @officialalterbridge @napalmrecordsofficial

Alter Bridge / Winter European tour to feature Halestorm and Mammoth WVH

This winter, Alter Bridge will take their Pawns & Kings European tour to 25 cities over 18 countries. Joining them are Halestorm and Mammoth WVH."It's going to be a delicious sonic smorgasbord of Earth-shaking Rock 'n' Roll that goes to 11," says Myles Kennedy. Photo: @rock_pixs @officialalterbridge @officialmyleskennedy @markttremonti

Myles Kennedy, Shepherd’s Bush / The house is full, and we could not be more ecstatic

@officialmyleskennedy @officialalterbridge @thecardinalblack @rock_pixs @danybass18

Myles Kennedy / Releases first song from ‘The Ides Of March’

Myles Kennedy has told MetalTalk that he will release his second solo album 'The Ides Of March' this 14 May, via Napalm Records. Today he has released the first song 'In Stride',...

Alter Bridge / Walk The Sky 2.0 a must have live rarity collection

Contrary to popular belief, the COVID-19 lockdown has had some positive results. And one of them is a new product from everyone's favourite Alternative Metaller's Alter Bridge.Alter Bridge: Walk The Sky...

Alter Bridge / Offering us the ‘Last Rites’

Alter Bridge have today released a lyric video for the song 'Last Rites', taken from their upcoming EP 'Walk The Sky 2.0'.The idea formed when Myles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips...

Alter Bridge / ‘Walk The Sky 2.0’ EP features new song and six live tracks

Alter Bridge have announced that 'Walk The Sky 2.0' will be released 6 November, via Napalm Records. The E.P. features the new song 'Last Rites' which was written during lockdown, along with...

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