Alcatrazz / New single released ahead of November tour

Alcatrazz have released the single Grace Of God, taken from their keenly anticipated new album V, which will be out on 15 October via Silver Lining Music.

“I love Grace of God,” Doogie White says. “It is a cracking tune with lots of intricate vocal parts. I love what everybody in the band has done on it. It has great energy and drive. It’s just magic.

“Lyrically, it is set in the Middle Ages,” White continues. “It is about the fear of being sent off to war to fight for your King, your Queen or your country, to invade a land you’ve never heard of, to conquer people you know nothing about, to fight for a reason you’re not sure of and the desperation in accepting such fate.”

Cover of album V from Alcatrazz

“When I first heard Grace of God,” Waldo says, “I just couldn’t believe how perfectly well melody and lyrics fitted together. It is hard to imagine anything else being better than that.

“Doogie has the ability to write exactly what the melody of a track calls for, and the result is very powerful.”

The previous single was Guardian Angel, “the frantic opening track of the album. It’s very fast and intense,” Doogie White says. “It features Nigel Glockler (Saxon) on drums, who carries out a hell of a performance.

“Inspired lyrically by a biography of an old stage actress not being able to perform again, the song is a sort of lament of these difficult times, about the pain and sorrow of witnessing classic venues struggling to stay alive and the grief of not being able to perform nor attend concerts.”

“Guardian Angel is a killer opening, fast double-bass track,” Joe Stump says. “Guitar wise, it starts with a very intricate and harmonized Neo-Classic influenced section, followed by a ripping solo ‘ala Ritchie Blackmore to then go into another arpeggio section and harmony.

“As far as tempo goes, it’s in the spirit of early Helloween or classic Stratovarius, only heavier and meaner. Once everybody hears it, they’ll know we mean business.”

“The new album brings us full circle from our original roots to a modern much heavier version of all things Alcatrazz in 2021,” Gary Shea says. “I feel great, and I’m looking forward to the release of our new album with its heavy rocking Metal sounds.”

V can be pre-ordered from


17nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, Milton KeynesCrauford Arms

18nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, StokeEleven

19nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, BlackpoolWaterloo

20nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, SwanseaHangar 18

21nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, GrimsbyYardbirds

24nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, ChesterfieldReal Time Live

25nov8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, EdinburghBannermans

27nov12:00 amAlcatrazz and Girlschool, TroonWinterstorm

28nov12:00 amAlcatrazz and Girlschool, NewcastleTrillians


01dec12:00 amAlcatrazz and Girlschool, LondonUnderworldCovid. Get well soon Denise.

02dec8:00 pmAlcatrazz and Girlschool, WolverhamptonK.K.'s Steel MillCovid. Get well soon Denise.

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