Accept / ‘Too Mean To Die’ release postponed until end of January

Accept have told MetalTalk that the release date for their fantastic new album ‘Too Mean To Die’ has been postponed to 29 January 2021.

COVID-19 has caused the closure of the pressing plant, so the production of the finished album has been unfortunatly delayed. The band told us that they are very sorry and hope that everyone understands the situation.

Accept will release a video for the song ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ on 15 January instead.

Marc Tornillo told us: “Cell phone zombies – they are everywhere, they cannot put them down, they cannot keep them charged, they cannot look away! It is a Zombie Apocalypse! Who does not feel caught up in this?!”

You can read our review of the album here.

Wolf Hoffmann spoke with MetalTalk recently (See Part One and Part Two) explaining that ‘Too Mean To Die’ is “a collection of eleven songs of totally straight in your face Metal along the traditions of Accept. Brand new songs in a familiar sound.

“I think the fans are going to get what they are waiting for. Everybody I’ve talked to so far was very excited about it, they say it’s some of the best stuff we’ve done since ‘Blood of the Nations’.

“The last few Accept albums have been strong altogether, but this one, particularly, has been well received so far.”

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