So it’s that time again where I go off to photograph a fantastic British band called Inglorious who you surely must have heard of by now. They played a blinder at Download last weekend and have been making huge waves in the rock world this last few months.

Words and Photography: John Inglis

Their rock roots are firmly embedded in Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake and they are fronted by a larger than life Thor lookalike, Nathan James.

As I was getting my gear together for the shoot Nathan was backstage doing his vocal exercises in readiness for the show and I’m starting to buzz while the crowd are boiling with anticipation. The heat inside the Robin2 Club just adds to the emotion.

The big Zepplinesque riffing of ‘Until I Die’ from guitarist Billy Taylor sets the mood for the night ahead and then it’s ‘Breakaway’ and if there was ever a song that rivalled Coverdale’s pipes, this is the one.

‘High Flying Gypsy’ came over nice and powerful with low thumps from a pounding bass line courtesy of Colin Parkinson while Nathan’s voice just booms across on the heavy ballad ‘Bleed For You’.

Then stools came out for an unexpected acoustic reprise which sees drummer Phil Beaver on twelve string, Colin on acoustic bass and Billy on six string. This mini-set starts with ‘Wake’ and it’s a dreamy beginning with this one as Anrdeas Eriksson kicks it off. This was a welcome addition to the set and just as things couldn’t get any better you hear a faint riff we all remember… wait, does that sound like Deep Purple’s ‘Burn’? Oh my, yes it is and this was absolutely one of the best covers I’ve ever heard, and it was done acoustically which proves the musicians here are absolutely top notch.


The song ‘Warning’ is a cross between southern 70s rock and a fast paced Rainbow tune. These guys know what people like and they are delivering it with style. Kudos!!

My personal favourite, ‘Unaware’, was up next and again Nathan is screaming out these words effortlessly and it was a sight to behold. Then on we go cranking through the ballsy riff of ‘You’re Mine’ which got the crowd singing as loud as they could. Yes, they know the songs inside out.

The song ‘Holy Water’ took a nice Paul Rogers Free turn with fantastic harmonies and backing vocals from the guys. This song just takes you back to the 70s/80s but they give this a new twist for the younger up and coming rockers and for sure, they’ll keep coming back for more of this band.


The night finished with the song ‘Inglorious’ booming over the PA like a cruise ship in the night across the Atlantic to the sound of rapturous shouts and applause from the Bilston crowd.

All the members of the band were most accommodating to everyone who wanted to meet them and have photos taken.

This up and coming band are incredibly hard working and they deserve their place in the limelight. Inglorious are going to be at the top of the tree soon enough if they keep this train rolling.

MetalTalk’s Liz Medhurst saw Inglorious at Download last weekend and here’s the review of that performance plus a highly entertaining interview with the man himself, Nathan James.

Who else would even dream of singing karaoke in Barnsley the same day they wowed 85,000 people at Castle Donington… click here and read on

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