Blitzkrieg, the legendary British Rock band formed in 1980, release their new album ‘Back From Hell’ Nov 5th on Metal Nation Records, which is owned by ex Neat records boss Jess Cox.

It will be released in Japan the same month on Spiritual Beast records and on double vinyl LP on German label High Roller Records.

It is the band’s first album for eight years and features three new members – Alan Ross on guitar replacing Guy Laverick, Micky Kerrigan on drums and Bill Baxter on guitar replacing Phil and Paul Brewis respectively. The line-up still includes long term member Ken Johnson on guitar and founder Brian Ross on vocals.

The band revisit popular themes like Jack The Ripper and the famous UK TV show ‘The Prisoner’ on this new album and also continue their TV and film obsession with material written about the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, ‘Stargate’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

They also eventually got round to honouring Metallica by covering ‘Seek and Destroy’ as a belated tip of the cap towards the Americans who recorded the track ‘Blitzkrieg’, from the band’s self titled 7″ on three separate occasions over their career.

A re-recording of the band’s A-side to that first single, ‘Buried Alive’ may be of interest to long term Blitzkrieg fans. The original now sells for hundreds of pounds on various sites online. There is also a tribute to the UK Metal Gods in ‘Call For The Priest’ which covers as many Priest titles that can be crammed into one song.

The band have just returned from a tour in Germany/Holland and more dates are being finalised now.

Track listing:
1.Jack’s Back / Back From Hell
2.Buried Alive
3.Complicated Issue
5.Return To the Village
8.One Last Time
9.Call For The Priest
10.Sleepy Hollow
12.We Have assumed Control

Sleeve Notes

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