In many ways Canadian death Metal quintet Insurrection are field leaders in their approach to Metal, firstly for the method used to successfully launch ‘Prototype’, their third release, aptly named because it has been crowd funded with fans pledging to buy in advance.

(Galy Records)

Words: Jools Green


Secondly because on half of the album their lyrics are in French and the other half English. A brave move, songs with lyrics in English always seem to gain more popularity but given that they hail from Gatineau, Quebec, a dual language area, a wise move also. Personally I found that the French lyric tracks to work very well and equally as enjoyable as the English.

‘Prototype’ follows 2009s ‘Prologue’ and 2010s ‘Fracture’ and is a well crafted blend of aggressive death Metal with just enough of a technical precision to make it interesting. The sound has an intense groove with crushing riffs. The vocals are excellent; mainly a deep, guttural growl backed with higher, gargling rasps, which are a perfect complement to each other. The drum work is very good also, well balanced to complement the guitars and vocals.

The eleven track offering opens with ‘Overprocessed’, an interesting industrial styled, instrumental intro before ripping into ‘Abattoir’. Immediately you are face to face with the brutality but this is balanced with a groove that runs throughout the chorus.

‘The Chronophobes’ has a technical edged groove while ‘Checkmate’ is pounding and intense; I love the guitar work towards the end.

‘Sueures Froides’ opens with possibly the sexiest technical groove ever and ends with more excellent guitar work. Dark intense pounding rhythms course through ‘Hellfire’ and ‘Trois Minutes de Carnage’ opens on a powerful roar, an aptly named track; this is indeed three minutes of carnage.


You can feel the brutal groove of ‘Archetype’ coursing through your veins as you listen. Album title track, ‘Prototype’ has some particularly noteworthy drum work, which takes a slightly more prominent position across this track. On ‘They Rise’ the chugging groove is interwoven with sinister guitar sections on this dark ominous penultimate number.

The final track, ‘Bruits Sans Fin’ is fast, technical and brutal with pounding rhythms and a dark edge to the construct, a great ender to an album that is catchy and memorable from start to end.

‘Prototype’ was produced by Topon Das (Fuck The Facts). If you like bands like Neuraxis, Misery Index, Decapitated, Testament, Bloodbath, Hypocrisy or Nevermore then this should appeal to you.

Successfully crowd funding an album is not only an innovative idea in these austere times it is also a positive reflection of the fans opinion of just how good they consider ‘Insurrection’ to be. I think this is an excellent album, I am not even going to attempt to pick a favourite track and I hope ‘Prototype’ takes them beyond the Canadian scene to a wider global audience. They have the talent that deserves it and the determination, I believe, to achieve it.

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