Wisdom: Judas

As soon as I heard the first few seconds of the song ‘Falling Away From Grace’, I knew what I was getting into. The first song from Wisdom’s latest offering ‘Judas’ opens with a multilayered chorus that achieves a powerful effect and a sense of grandeur that will permeate the whole album. This record is an excellent example of melodic power Metal and has all the ingredients that make this genre so particular, so popular and so big.

As you can imagine by now, Hungary’s Wisdom follows the tradition of classic Heavy Metal, with an attitude straight from the eighties but more contemporary in its delivery and sound. In ‘Judas’ all the musical elements contribute to making the whole experience bigger, more grandiose and more epic, especially with the already mentioned vocal arrangements that really make things huge.

I understand that their singer Gabor Nagy is a new addition to the band, and he really shines throughout ‘Judas’, helping a great deal in giving the record its personality and identity. His voice is perfect for the band, and he is successful in capturing the right feeling alongside the mood of the music underneath.

Take for instance the calm intro to the song ‘Heaven And Hell’, which shows a more expressive and natural character of his voice, a little bit different from the qualities that he displays in heavier and more epic moments in which the feel is more powerful and operatic.

The whole band is technically flawless as you might expect in this kind of music. Shredding guitar solos, lots of double bass drumming and powerful riffs recreate the world of fantasy and myth, inspired by Tolkien and the middle ages. The songs are here to take you to that world for a while, with triumphant attitude and high spirits.

I know it sounds too familiar and predictable, but the actual songs are very, very good. The choruses, melodies and solos are infectious, and instead of leaving you thinking “I’ve heard this a thousand times before” you feel that these musicians are really inspired and are pouring their hearts into this. They really believe in what they play and you can tell by listening to the music in ‘Judas’.

Songs like ‘Somewhere Alone’, ‘Wander The World’ and the aforementioned ‘Heaven And Hell’ have a slower and more pounding rock n’ roll style that contribute to the overall heaviness and work great alongside the speedier Heavy Metal numbers, making this album a good and cohesive experience from start to finish.

Most tracks found here could work well as singles. They’re all memorable and have great hooks.

Wisdom could be the response to the cries of all devoted Power Metal fans out there, those that want a band that can take this genre into the future with enthusiasm and conviction.

This band is a good reason to keep believing in this style and ‘Judas’ is a great example of aheroic exercise in true Heavy Metal.

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