What Is Jordan Fish Doing Since Parting Ways with Bring Me The Horizon?

In late 2023, Jordan Fish announced his departure from Bring Me The Horizon after 11 years as a core member of the chart-topping Metalcore group. The keyboardist, backing vocalist, and producer was instrumental in crafting BMTH’s modern, electronic-infused rock sound over multiple albums. His sudden exit left fans wondering – what’s next for Jordan Fish?

Bring Me The Horizon
Bring Me The Horizon

Working with Spiritbox

In January 2024, exciting news broke that Fish was in the studio producing tracks for rising Metalcore band Spiritbox. Guitarist Mike Stringer shared an Instagram story of Fish behind the mixing boards. This collaboration is intriguing, as Spiritbox themselves have crafted a sleek, melodic take on heavy music. Fish’s blend of electro textures and rock aggression seems like an ideal match to bring out new sonic dimensions in Spiritbox’s songs. It’s still unclear whether Fish is producing a few songs or their whole new album, but this team-up suggests fans can anticipate great things from the pairing. The first taste of their joint work is eagerly awaited.

Collaborating with Architects

In March 2024, Architects stirred excitement by tagging Fish in an Instagram post teasing their new single “Curse.” Fish’s trademark electronic ambience and textures are all over this track, co-written with Architects’ Dan Searle and Sam Carter. After their 2022 album took a subdued turn, “Curse” marks a crushing return to Architects’ raw Metalcore sound. The creative partnership between Fish and the British band appears very fruitful, seamlessly blending their heaviness with his atmospheric electronics. Whether a one-off or a sign of more to come, “Curse” shows Fish’s production talents elevating established artists in powerful new ways.

Bring Me The Horizon - Download Festival 2023.
Bring Me The Horizon – Download Festival 2023. Photo: John Hayhurst/MetalTalk

Solo Endeavours

Beyond high-profile collaborations, Fish is likely deeply immersed in exploring solo work. In his departure statement, he mentioned focusing on “songwriting and production.” His Instagram has since teased him alone catching vibes in the studio. Fans eagerly await the launch of his own original music and production style outside of BMTH. His years as an under-the-radar influencer on BMTH’s evolution suggest Fish’s solo work will showcase innovative new sounds and direction. A solo album or EP can’t come soon enough.

Other Musical Pursuits

Never limited to one instrument, Fish may be taking this opportunity to improve his skills across guitar, bass, keys, and more. In past interviews, he’s cited Flea, John Frusciante, and Radiohead as influences – perhaps he will release solo work inspired by their unique styles. He could even be exploring learning another instrument like drums or violin to become even more multi-faceted. As a proven multi-instrumentalist producer, the possibilities are wide open for Fish to develop his talents in new ways post-BMTH.

Bring Me The Horizon - Download Festival 2023.
Bring Me The Horizon – Download Festival 2023. Photo: John Hayhurst/MetalTalk

Climbing Expeditions

Outside of music, Jordan Fish is an avid mountaineer. In 2023, he took on the immense challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, pushing himself both physically and mentally over 8 gruelling days. The trek began with a long flight to Tanzania before setting out on foot from Moshi. Over the next week, Jordan and his team steadily worked their way up Kilimanjaro, trekking 4-7 hours daily and camping at increasing altitudes. The final summit push started before dawn from 4600 meters, taking 12-14 hours to reach the peak at 5895 meters. Successfully summiting Kilimanjaro took immense determination and stamina.

With this experience under his belt, Jordan may be motivated to take on more ambitious climbing objectives. He could attempt other famous Seven Summits peaks or technical mountaineering routes. His passion for mountain adventure seems far from over. Fans can expect Jordan to channel the same drive into planning his next epic summit push now that he has this huge accomplishment in the books.

Time at Home

Having spent over a decade on the road touring the world, Fish likely welcomes simple but precious time relaxing and playing games. Now with a more flexible schedule, fans can be happy for Fish potentially taking time to focus on recharging out of the spotlight before his next chapter truly begins.

The Next Chapter

Jordan Fish’s departure from BMTH closes one hugely successful chapter of his music career but kicks off an exciting new era of possibility. His collaborations with Spiritbox and Architects suggest more solo work could be imminent. He may use this transitional moment to give back to charity, improve his skills, or relax with family away from fame. One thing is certain – Fish’s creative mark on Metal and rock is just getting started. Fans eagerly await what this versatile musician produces in the next phase of his genre-defying career after leaving BMTH behind.

Bring Me The Horizon, Hellfest 2022
Bring Me The Horizon, Hellfest 2022

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