On this beautiful sunny day, my initial waking thoughts were “ooh, what a great day to be at the coast”. After the ‘morning mind fog’ cleared, a sudden realisation stormed in – the coast? Brighton!

Sonia Waterfield – Monday 4th April 2011

Today is the first day out of a solid fourteen where I will be embarking on a trip around the UK with Voodoo Six who are supporting Mr Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks fame.

With Voodoo Six recently completing their own headline tour in November/December 2010 and ending it with a few supporting dates with UFO & the ‘big exposure’ of their latest release ‘Fluke?’ on Planet Rock, I’m sure that due to their notoriety they will have gained new fans and interested parties for this string of dates.

After a hop skip and jump from home to the meeting point at Thurrock services, a quick toilet break and slight nerves and excitement, the comforting and familiar sight of the old faithful tour bus came into view.

After parking up, five men came out to meet with hugs and smiles. Greetings over, I clambered into ‘my’ already pre-claimed seat from the previous tour and got settled.

This time however there had been a few changes; the van had gone through a makeover; from being a shade of off white to a matt black – mmm, stylish. Not only had the transport had a change but there was a clear absence from the Voodoo Six line up. Gone was Dave ‘Grav’ Cavill (drums) due to his new modelling career and Tony Newton (bass) who has jetted off to join the Maiden camp in South America.

voodoo six
“Yay! It’s Pete modelling and supporting the V6 lads. I want more peeps like him for me fan gallery per-lease…”

In their place – not only a contrast to their replacements, but each other – are Eddie Marsh (bass), affectionately known as Techzilla, and little Joe Lazarus (drums).

After a rather uneventful drive we arrived at the beach front venue of Concorde 2 in the gloriously sunny Brighton, gay capital of Britain. There was plenty of ‘gayness’ publicly flowing, but it was thankfully the jovial type.

The sea is a brilliant blue, with not a cloud in sight. Only the thundering noise of the soundcheck of the rather slender Michael Monroe breaks this idyllic scene.

Sounding rather good, adorned in a white tee and spray on trousers, with his blonde locks he looks and sounds very glam indeed. He does his bit and strolls elegantly off the stage.

The Voodoo Six guys were next on and sounding very solid and tight indeed. The opening act are New York Anxiety Attack, a psychedelic garage rock mix of T-Rex and Iggy And The Stooges, hailing from Bradford with six years under their belt and an amazing 500 gigs to boot.

After soundcheck we ventured into town in search of sustanence. The sun was setting over the sea with brilliant white streaks dancing over the ebbing ripples.

With closing time in hand we trundled into a Harvester, where we initially got turned away. After some negotiation we were put in the back end of the restaurant.

With menus in hand, chuckles of boyish delight at the chicken spitroast spread around with quips a plenty. Due to timing issues, I had to ask for the quickest dish, which ironcally was the aforementioned, so forced to order that with Eddie too, we both shared the spitroasting, munching away through the juicy meatiness of the chicken.

After a rushed meal, I headed off back to the venue and me merch desk to await the throng leaving the lads to continue their noshing.

Lots, lots more to follow…

Michael Monroe/Voodoo Six UK Tour

Monday, April 4: Concorde 2, Brighton
Tuesday, April 5: Academy 2, Bristol
Wednesday, April 6, 2011: Phoenix, Exeter
Thursday, April 7: Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth
Friday, April 8: O2 Academy, Islington
Saturday, April 9: TJ’s, Leeds
Monday, April 11: Waterfront, Norwich
Tuesday, April 12: Corporation, Sheffield
Wednesday, April 13: Academy 2, Newcastle
Thursday, April 14: Academy 3, Manchester
Friday, April 15: Garage, Glasgow
Saturday, April 16: Rock City, Nottingham
Sunday, April 17: HMV Institute, Birmingham

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