Vega / New single ‘How We Live’ released as new album hits shops

The new album from Vega, ‘Grit Your Teeth’, is now in the shops and the band have released ‘How We Live’ as a single and you can watch the video below. ‘Grit You Teeth’ is a cracking album, with MetalTalk’s Brian Boyle describing it as “Brilliantly written, produced and performed, this is Vega’s finest work to date”.

Describing the crafting of the ‘Grit Your Teeth’, frontman and singer Nick Workman told MetalTalk: “Selfishly, we’ve taken a few risks by recording an album, that, first and foremost, we can be proud of. Don’t try and tag it with any sub-genre of Rock or Metal, just enjoy it.”

You can see the official video for ‘How We Live’ below and in the meantime, check out our review of the album.

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