If ever there was a defining moment in WinterStorm history, it would be the set which Bernie Tormé played in November 2018, a few weeks before his tragic passing.

The set was captured on multiple HD cameras, with audio recorded from the balcony and from tomorrow (22 May) the show is available to stream at a cost of £5. Each purchase supports Bernie’s dependents (with 50% of revenues) and 30% will also go to support the WinterStorm technical sound, light and video team who are currently not earning.

Festival organiser Ian McCraig told MetalTalk “If there ever had been a higher reason for an event taking place it was on Saturday 24th of November. It was the moment that Bernie Tormé turned backstage from a standing ovation and a whole hall chanting his name.

“He just looked at me with a slow shaking of his head and tears running from his eyes. He didn’t need to speak, his emotion told it all.

“It was a moment that took him by surprise; it was a reaction from an audience that he hadn’t expected, perhaps he’d never expected to receive ever again. He came over and we hugged, and we had a wee greet! I think I said something inane like “I’ll never forget this moment Bernie”; if he replied I think he said something similar.

“The genuine affection from the WinterStorm audience had an unseen impact on Bernie Tormé and that reaction just summed the man up.

“He had just blown away a loving crowd with a virtuoso and powerful set, a set that by common consent was one of the lasting memories of the weekend. We can count ourselves blessed that we saw Bernie Tormé at his very best that day, that one last time we witnessed a guitarist at the peak of his playing.

“We shared something special with Bernie Tormé that day and I know that he took as much away from that afternoon as we all did. I will miss him so much.”

Photo of Bernie Torme

As Bernie came off stage the likes of Doug Aldrich, John Corabi, Deen Castronovo were all waiting to shake his hand and get a picture, such was his impact on everyone that day.

You can support Bernies family and the WinterStorm team by purchasing the stream and here.

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