Toloache / Andrina Travers and Dennis Russ collaborate for Watching Close

Toloache singer Andrina Travers
Andrina Travers, Toloache

The Switzerland/UK based Progressive Metal band Toloache have released the single Watching Close, the fantastic result of singer Andrina Travers working with songwriter Dennis Russ and musician Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Kreator).

Andrina says: “We wrote Watching Close about the overload of media we all consume every day. We read terrible things, but somehow we are paralysed and sometimes even cold about it because we all just see it through a screen.”

Toloache, formed in 2020, take their name from a plant famously used during mystical rituals by Mexican shamans known for its intense hallucinations.

Cover of Watching Close from Toloache

Travers, previously the vocalist in the band Underskin, is well known for her widely successful musical career in Switzerland and Germany and has been secretly working with Russ for some time. He challenged the singer to create the most complex yet authentic music of her career.

Watching Close looks at the modern world and the traumatic events delivered by modern media in a way that desensitises us and leaves us disconnected from the true enormity of the global catastrophes.

The single is available from

Toloache - Watching Close (Official Music Video)



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