Tips for Promoting Metal Music on Spotify

In today’s music industry, streaming has become a tool for artists to reach their audience. Spotify stands out as the leading platform for music streaming that offers artists a gateway to connect with listeners through curated playlists within their genre.

To make an impact on Spotify, understanding how the platform operates is crucial. This article provides guidance for Metal artists on promoting their music through user generated playlists and attracting a fan base.

Before diving in;

Make sure your music is accessible on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and others. If not available, consider using a distribution service to expand your reach across multiple streaming services. These services act as a bridge between you and various streaming platforms where you can share your music seamlessly.

Submitting your tracks to Spotify playlists;

Currently, there are two methods of submitting music to Spotify playlists – either through submission platforms or, by directly reaching out to playlist curators. Each approach has its nuances and strategies that can enhance your chances of getting featured on playlists tailored to Metal music enthusiasts.

Working with a Music Submission Platform

Here’s an efficient method to showcase and boost your Metal music.

Music submission platforms enable you to share your music with individuals who have a preference for the genres you create. While these services come at a cost, they can assist in getting your music heard by industry figures.

Various promotion services cater to musicians looking to promote their work. One Submit is a music promotion service that helps artists secure placements on playlists, TikTok creators, blogs and YouTube channels. They assure that playlist curators will give your music a listen.

If the curator likes your music and finds it fitting for their playlist, they will include it at no charge; thus, it’s essential to provide top quality tracks.

The platform is user friendly and designed with artists in mind. If a curator doesn’t review your submission, you are entitled to a refund.

Read more about Spotify playlist submission.

While traditional marketing methods exist, pitching to playlists yields outcomes; however, exceptional music quality is crucial for success. You can also explore music promotion services in the industry.

Reaching out to Playlist Curators

To explore playlist curators and music influencers, consider investing your time and effort in this endeavor. Keep in mind that receiving a response may be challenging, as these curators receive emails daily. Here’s a guide to help you get started;

Begin by scouting for Spotify playlists that align with your music genre and target audience. Spotify offers playlists covering a range of music genres, including niche categories, like Death Metal. Look for keywords such as “Gothic Metal” or “DeathCore” to identify playlists.

Your Metal music enthusiasts will likely tune into these playlists.. Follow those that resonate with your style, paying attention to their curation methods. Take note of the playlist’s follower count, listenership, thematic focus, and user feedback to gauge its popularity.

Next, research the curator’s identity and contact details, whether through media platforms or email channels.

After that, you could kindly inquire if they would be interested in reviewing and including your music in their playlist. It’s helpful to have a spreadsheet ready and ensure you have a digital press kit prepared.

Customize Your Approach

When requesting someone to feature your songs on their playlist, it’s crucial to tailor your request to align with their preferences. Personalization involves more than listening to the tracks on the playlist. Take the time to research who manages the playlist by reading their bio, exploring their website or checking their social media profiles. Understand their taste, background, and audience demographics. This approach makes your pitch more compelling as it demonstrates that you grasp what resonates with the curator for their playlist.

Share what aspects of their selection process resonate with you or why a particular song connects with you personally. Avoid language that could apply to playlists. Showcase how your music complements the curator’s vision, for the playlist they curate. Establishing a rapport enhances your chances of having your music featured by industry professionals or a music director.

Highlight Your Musics Unique Narrative

When submitting your Metal tracks, it’s crucial to elaborate on what sets your music apart and how it aligns with the vibe of the playlist. For example, you could discuss how you blend Metal tunes with elements, giving your sound an edge compared to other Metal artists. Additionally, you can delve into how your music fuses melodies with hints of jazz, drawing inspiration from your time, countries, or past experiences.

Share with playlist curators the process behind your music to showcase what makes you stand out from musicians and pianists. Reflect on any encounters that have shaped your perspective. Providing context that sheds light on your recordings is key. If your narrative is compelling, those curating exhibitions or collections are likely to remember it. Let your music narrate a tale that captivates listeners.

Heavy Metal Band on stage
Let your music narrate a tale that captivates listeners

Include streaming figures.

Demonstrating an audience on streaming platforms can bolster the case for featuring your tracks on playlists. When reaching out to curators via email present data indicating the number of listeners engaging with your music on Spotify. Kindly share details about your listener count, on your artist profile.

To demonstrate interest, in your music on the platform, showcase songs from Spotify that have garnered a number of saves and streams particularly viral hits or newly trending music. Utilize instances where other Spotify playlists have featured your music as validation of its popularity when promoting it.

Strong pitches highlight the listenership of your music on Spotify. Reflect effective marketing strategies. This serves to persuade curators that your music merits inclusion in their playlists. Provide evidence to support why your song deserves a spot in their playlist.

Kindly follow up tactfully

Maintaining patience is crucial when seeking placement for your music on Spotify playlists. Unless you already have recognition from curators or are a known artist, an immediate addition is unlikely. If there’s no response within two weeks, it’s acceptable to follow up twice.

Avoid contact with curators, as it may diminish your chances. Express gratitude to those who feature your music on playlists and share the playlist on social media to attract followers and expand your audience. Building relationships with Spotify curators takes time. It can yield benefits when you release music.

Always make sure to share your playlists with others so more people can discover and enjoy them.

Collaborate with artists, on Playlists

Once your music gets featured in Spotify playlists, consider teaming up with musicians to promote each other’s work. Put together a top notch Metal music playlist featuring tracks from artists you admire. Share each other’s music with your fan bases. Collaborate on a playlist by selecting songs from artists.

Leave comments on each other’s tracks and playlists to show appreciation. Join forces with musicians to reach out to audiences. When there’s increased interest, everyone benefits; engaging in cross promotion through playlists helps broaden your fan base and supports the community of Metal artists.

Manage Your Artist Profile

As a Metal musician, it’s crucial to maintain your Spotify artist profile to boost the visibility of your music on streaming services. Start by claiming your Spotify for Artists profile using the desktop application to access insights about your music. Customize your profile by including your bio, images artist curated playlists, and any press coverage.

Ensure that your fans can easily locate you and follow you on Spotify.

Please share your show dates. Regularly release new songs or albums to maintain popularity. Utilize Spotify Canvas to showcase engaging videos that loop.

Enhancing your artist profile will attract more Metal enthusiasts to discover you on Spotify.

Submit your music to curated playlists, for each release

An error in music promotion is only sending out playlists when the album initially drops. To extend the lifespan of your music on streaming platforms, engage with music curators to feature your tracks. Incorporate songs into your existing playlists. Since most playlists aim for a blend of tunes and fresh tracks, playlist creators appreciate updates about your releases.

Highlight your progress since the update to sustain excitement and exhibit how your narrative is evolving. Consistently sharing and subtly promoting your music helps pique playlist curators interest in your journey. Each time a new project is released, there’s an opportunity for it to gain visibility and be sold in stores.

Explore Spotify Ads

Independent Metal artists can leverage targeted Spotify ads to connect with fans at a cost.

Utilize the insights and data provided by Spotify to identify target audiences for your ads and select music playlists to advertise on. Tailor your content to resonate with Metal music enthusiasts. Start with an ad budget and adjust your targeting and messaging based on audience engagement metrics.

Consistently promoting music over a span of 3–6 months can help attract a listener base. Monitor the performance of your ads regularly. Optimize those that are underperforming. View advertising as an opportunity to engage with Spotify users who share an affinity for your music.

On another note, for insights on how Spotify compensates streaming in 2024, delve into details about the payout per stream in 2024.

Securing placement on Spotify playlists requires dedication, personalization, and patience. Conduct research to identify playlists for your music genre and establish connections with playlist curators. By putting in the effort, Metal artists can increase their music’s visibility, among Spotify users, who rely on curated playlists to discover tracks they enjoy.

Get your music featured on playlists that resonate with your style to attract listeners who appreciate your genre. Leverage Spotify’s diverse user base, follow these pitching suggestions. Showcase your Metal tracks today.

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