Hate To Love: Nickelback – A Journey Of Success And Controversy

Hate To Love, the new feature-length film documentary about Nickelback will have a global cinema release in over 1,350 locations across 30 countries on 27 and 30 March 2024.

The film had its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September last year and covers the bands beginning in Hanna Alberta, to their explosive global success in 2001 and the highs and lows that followed.

Hate To Love: Nickelback
Hate To Love: Nickelback

Their 2001 album Silver Side Up, propelled by the ubiquitous single How You Remind Me, showcased their formula of anthemic choruses and lyrical themes of love, personal struggle, and social commentary.

Directed by Leigh Brooks and produced by Ben Jones, Hate To Love celebrates the loyalty of Nickelback fans. But there has also been a polarizing reception from critics and fans, with some accusing Nickelback of formulaic writing and lack of innovation.

Hate To Love: Nickelback
Hate To Love: Nickelback

Many see them as not fitting within the traditional boundaries of Heavy Metal and more closely associated with post-grunge and hard rock.

The film delves into the years of online abuse Nickelback have been exposed to while revealing the personal impact it had on each of the band members.

Despite this, the band have maintained a massive fan base over the years and have achieved significant commercial success, selling over 50 million albums worldwide.

Hate To Love: Nickelback
Hate To Love: Nickelback

The film also unveils Nickelback’s decision to return after a five-year break with a new record and a hugely successful sold-out tour, finding themselves riding a sudden wave of online love that has introduced their music to an army of new fans and audiences worldwide.

The exclusive theatrical premiere features a never-before-seen three-song recorded performance of Nickelback fan favourites.

Trafalgar Releasing, Gimme Sugar Productions, and Submarine Entertainment, the feature-length documentary, will be distributed to over 1350 locations across 30 countries.

Hate To Love: Nickelback
Hate To Love: Nickelback

Hate To Love features never-before-seen archival footage, concert footage, interviews and enthusiastic celebrity advocates like actor Ryan Reynolds and Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair don’t shy away from the band’s topsy-turvy legacy as they share compelling and real-life stories alongside life-changing moments that have never been divulged publicly.

What is without question is that Nickelback exemplifies a band that, while often debated within the rock community, undeniably left a mark on the early 2000s rock landscape.

To find your nearest cinema and purchase tickets, visit www.nickelbackfilm.com.

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