Thunder create crowdfund for Danny Bowes’ neuro-rehabilitation

Thunder lead vocalist and founding member Danny Bowes suffered an accidental head injury that required surgery in August. Following a successful operation, The Thunder team have created a JustGiving page to give Danny the best chance of making a full recovery. Hard Rock fans have already pledged over £52,000 in a couple of days, eclipsing the £30,000 asked for.

Danny requires specialist treatment in a neuro-rehabilitation centre to complete his recovery. But due to current waiting lists, this is proving to be difficult, so Thunder has moved to arrange private treatment.

Please note that JustGiving has an optional contribution to their costs, which defaults at 15%. Unless you change this default when you make your contribution to help Danny, your donation amount will increase by 15%.

“As you may already know, Danny sustained a serious head injury in August this year,” Thunder said. “This resulted in a bleed on the brain that required immediate surgery. Thankfully the operation was successful, and since then, he has been recovering in hospital.

“Danny now urgently needs to begin specialist treatment in a neuro-rehabilitation centre, but due to current waiting lists, this is proving to be difficult. In light of this, we are hoping to send him to a private unit where he can receive the kind of help that will give him the greatest possible opportunity to make a full recovery. Obviously, there are considerable costs involved, but given the situation, we feel we have to try and do everything we can to make this happen. We’re also not too proud to say we are going to need some help.

“To that end, we have set up a JustGiving Fundraising page, and we’d like to ask you to consider making a contribution to help our friend and bandmate.

“No matter how small, all donations will have a positive impact.

“We would like to contact you afterwards to say thank you, so please make sure you tick the box to share your contact details with us.

“You can also donate anonymously if you so wish.

“Click the link below to make a donation.

“Please note after you decide on your donation, there will be a default 15% contribution applied that goes directly to the JustGiving platform.

“You can change this setting using the dropdown box, selecting ‘Other’ and entering an amount you are comfortable with, anything from £0.00 upwards.

“Danny and the rest of us want you all to know how much your support means to us, and he’s asked us to say thanks a million in advance.

“Massive thanks from us too!

“B, C, H & L.”

The Danny Bowes JustGiving page can be found at

Thunder have already cancelled their 3 November show at the Garage, London.

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