Luke Morley / New Video For Swashbuckling Song Errol Flynn

Luke Morley - Errol Flynn. A Metaphor for the Universal Male Journey and Ageing Gracefully. Watch elegant Monochrome Video. Tickets out for upcoming solo tour. @lukemorleymusic @thunderonline

Luke Morley Announces New Year Solo UK Tour

Luke Morley Announces UK Tour in January 2024 | Songs From The Blue Room Live! Morley will be joined by Chris Childs, Dean Howard and drummer Dave McCluskey @lukemorleymusic @thunderonline

Luke Morley Interview: An Intriguing Journey Through His Creative Soul

Discover the creative soul of legendary guitarist and songwriter, Luke Morley, as he delves into his musical influences, songwriting process, and navigating challenges in this captivating interview with MetalTalk.

Luke Morley Interview / An Intriguing Journey Through His Creative Soul

Luke Morley - Songs From The Blue Room. Luke's unique voice and personal writing makes for a fresh experience and a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. Interview: @rock_pixs @lukemorleymusic @thunderonline

Luke Morley is Killed By Cobain in new solo album

Thunder's Luke Morley to release new solo album Songs From The Blue Room with the first single Killed By Cobain out on 12 May 2023.Morley covers all instruments and brings his rock vocals to the fore in this Americana-style album. Pre-order now for limited signed LPs, CDs and postcards. @lukemorleymusic @conquest_music_ltd @thunderonline

Luke Morley Interview / The Thunder legacy, future and Danny Bowes Health

Thunder releases expanded editions of iconic albums, and in our interview with Luke Morley, we talk about the band's status in the rock world, Danny Bowes' health, and the future. Experience the quintet's high-quality classic hard rock that's won the hearts of fans for years.

Luke Morley Interview / Thunder and the follow-up albums to Backstreet Symphony

INTERVIEW - Luke Morley. Thunder - Luke Morley on pressure of following Backstreet Symphony with Laughing on Judgement Day, his experience producing the album, and the impact of grunge. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

Luke Morley Interview / How Thunder took Backstreet Symphony to Donington – Part Two

Luke Morley - The making of the Thunder debut album, Backstreet Symphony, and their rise to fame in the UK. Read the MetalTalk interview with Luke Morley. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

Luke Morley Interview / How Thunder rose from the ashes of Terraplane – Part One

Terraplane to Thunder: A story of resilience and finding true musical freedom. Luke Morley shares how Andy Taylor's advice was the catalyst for a 30-year career in rock. @robert_sutton_photography Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @thunderonline @bmguk

Thunder reissue expanded first three breakthrough albums

Thunder will reissue their breakthrough albums Backstreet Symphony, Laughing On Judgement Day and Behind Closed Doors on 28 April 2023 via BMG. Photo: Ross Halfin @thunderonline @bmguk

Thunder create crowdfund for Danny Bowes’ neuro-rehabilitation

Photo: @robert_sutton_photography @thunderonline

Luke Morley, Thunder / “The first time I saw Ronnie sing was in 1974 when he was in Elf”

DIO: Dreamers Never Die. Thunder guitarist and songwriter Luke Morley says it's a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate the life and work of Ronnie James Dio. Photo: @rock_pixs @thunderonline @lukemorleymusic Interview: @kahmel_farahani

Hellfest Week Two – Live updates: Bring Me The Horizon, Pentagram

Hellfest 2022, Week two. MetalTalk live updates from Hellfest, Clisson, France. Bring Me The Horizon, Pentagram@helloweenofficial @danybass18 @hellfestopenair #Hellfest

Thunder / Awe-inspiring to see them in action at OVO Wembley Arena

Thunder, Ugly Kid Joe, Kris Barras Band. OVO Wembley Arena - 28 May 2022. Live concert/gig review. Photography: @robert_sutton_photography Words:@montysewellfreaksThe Thunder boys have still got it, and it was awe-inspiring to see them in action again. @thunderonline @uglykidjoeofficial @krisbarrasband

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