The Influence of Listening to Heavy Metal Music on College Students’ Performance

The idea of listening to Heavy Metal music to help students to study is controversial. Some students find it distracts them, while others believe it helps them to concentrate. There is evidence that when students listen to music they love, it can have beneficial effects while studying. The term for the effect of classical music on the brain is known as the ‘Mozart effect.’ This effect has been well studied, but the effects of Heavy Metal music are less well-known. There appear to be advantages and disadvantages of listening to music while studying. It depends on the music tastes of the individual student.

Relieves anxiety

Heavy Metal music is often a misunderstood genre because many people see it as being violent and chaotic. The interesting thing is that for people who love it, it can have a soothing effect. It can reduce their blood pressure and relieve their anxiety. The anger expressed in Heavy Metal music may help students to process their feelings and give them an outlet to express themselves. The intense beats help them to release the pressure they feel that’s caused by tight schedules and assignment deadlines.

Reduces depression

Listening to Heavy Metal gives students an opportunity to scream, shout and let out their pent-up emotions. This can prevent a slide into depression which often creates apathy where nothing seems to matter anymore. Students experience depression because they face so many pressures. They may not even feel like studying and may even feel like giving up on their studies altogether. The vigour and stimulation of Heavy Metal music may help them to get them out of a slump and feel more alive and motivated.

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Boosts brain activity

Listening to Heavy Metal music can help to keep the brain alert. Students who tend to fall asleep over their books are less likely to do so when listening to Heavy Metal music. When their brains are more alert, they will be more focused when studying.

How does rock music affect the brain? Any song that students have a special connection with can be positive for their mental health. The happy hormones they get from listening to their favourite music can make them feel more motivated. A good boost of serotonin has a positive effect on learning capacity. Music also works in patterns, even Heavy Metal music, and these patterns can help students to remember facts more easily.

Increases concentration

One of the reasons why students enjoy music so much is because it presents a challenge of deciphering layers and meaning. The problem is that this can actually take their attention away from their studies. This is why many students will listen to classical or instrumental music while studying because they say it doesn’t distract them and helps them to focus.

The interesting thing is that students who listen to Heavy Metal don’t feel that it distracts them. They say they can feel the negative energy leaving their bodies when they listen. They feel lighter, and this means they can focus and concentrate better. Stressful thoughts don’t keep going through their heads and keep them from concentrating.

Relieves frustration and anger

Students may feel frustrated or angry. They may be frustrated that they can’t seem to cope with their tough schedules. They don’t have the time to fit everything in and still have a balance in their lives. Anger can also be an issue due to stress and problems with relationships.

Listening to Heavy Metal music provides a great way to deal with their frustration and anger. Playing it really loudly and dancing and singing along prior to studying gets the blood flowing and can be very cathartic. When they are free of tension, it is easier to focus. Approaching their studies with a calm mind means they will understand and retain more.


Heavy Metal music is a complex genre that some people don’t really understand. But for students who love it, it has benefits while studying. They report that it makes them feel less anxious and frustrated. When they feel calmer, they can study better. Studies seem to indicate that it doesn’t matter what music students listen to while studying. As long as they love the music they listen to, it can have a beneficial effect.

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