The Infernal Sea / Furious, Bleak and Devoid Of Fear

The Infernal Sea have released a video for the track ‘Devoid Of Fear’, taken from their album ‘Negotium Crucis’ which MetalTalk declared was “a magnificently brutal beast.”

The album sees The Infernal Sea return to the Middle Ages to explore the dark nature of the Knights Templar and their Holy Crusades, with tales of depravity, corruption, deceit and genocide re-affirming the sadistic nature of mankind.

Vocalist DL told us: “‘Devoid of Fear’ showcases The Infernal Sea’s faster approach and is a none stop barrage of tight riffs and furious blast beats. We filmed ‘Devoid of Fear’ inside a disused bunker which was used to store bombs during WW2. The video encapsulates the visual element of the bands live setting.”

Of the album, the band earlier told MetalTalk: “The world we once knew has drastically changed, we live in fear of the unknown. As proclaimed Heralds of the plague, we warned of the oncoming darkness, a coincidence perhaps or strangely prophetic?

“The global pandemic is devastating society and with it the music industry is on its knees. We too have suffered delays at the hands of COVID-19, but we rise from the turmoil to unleash our forthcoming album ‘Negotium Crucis’.

“This album has been challenging, but we conquered all, delivering our strongest and most diverse work to date. Hail the darkness!”

Filmed in a disused bunker from WWII, this hugely atmospheric and potent video captures the band’s furious and bleak live energy.

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