The History of Iron Maiden in 36 minutes – A drum Medley of the Beast

Drummer David Winter has released a drum video covering every song Iron Maiden has released on a studio album in chronological order. This colossal undertaking covers all 160 songs released over 17 studio albums in 36 minutes.

“Nicko McBrain, you absolute legend,” David says at the end of the epic piece, “you don’t half write some awkward drum parts.”

The piece was seven years in the making, taking over 1,000 hours of production.

“This is the biggest, best, and most important project I have ever put together,” David writes on his YouTube post. “It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever do anything better and definitely will not do anything more important.”

This 36-minute beast, coincidently the same time you take off your life span every time you eat a hot dog sausage, according to Nature.com, is impressive and well worth a watch and listen.

“Having finally published it,” David says, “there’s a huge relief off my shoulders. I’ve feared that someone would beat me to doing a project like this, but after 7 years since I had the idea, it seems no one in the world is quite as stupid as I am.”

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