Papa Roach / Ego Trip as hard-hitting, melodic and ferocious as ever

Whilst it was second album Infest that broke Papa Roach into the big leagues in 2000, the band have never stopped and now releasing their eleventh full-length blast with Ego Trip. With their critically acclaimed Who Do You Trust having come out three years ago, the band have built on that success, and this is the result, possibly their most assured and accomplished work yet.

Papa Roach – Ego Trip (New Noize Records)

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Still retaining something of the, say it quietly, Nu-Metal formula that they built their career on, this again amps up all that was great about that much-maligned genre but adds a modern spin and some interesting twists and turns.

With founding members, vocalist Jacoby Shaddix and guitarist Jerry Horton at the core of the band, along with longtime bass player Tobin Esperance and drummer Tony Palermo, this line-up has forged a rock-solid partnership over their fifteen years together, the writing and playing honed to a razor-sharp edge.

Opener Kill The Noise is a real statement of intent, huge, anthemic and a hard punch in the face. With its guitars and drums pushed to the max in the mix and Shaddix vocals full of passion and verve, the effect is overwhelming as its catchy verse, and crushing breakdown bring, rather than kill, the noise.

Whilst Stand Up sounds more like traditional PR, Swerve features FEVER 333 and Sueco with a Fun Lovin’ Criminals meets Beastie Boys vibe, the spin heavy and unhinged.

The album is filled with old school party anthems like Bloodline with its rampaging blast beats and Liar and Unglued, which push the volume up to the max, the latter featuring a chorus that Fall Out Boy would be proud of, given its ridiculously catchy hook.

The titular Ego Trip is unremittingly frenetic, the riffs and melody huge, and Dying To Believe has a swinging punch like being put in the ring with a very upset Mike Tyson.

It’s not all full-blooded blitzing, though, as the rather lovely and heartfelt ballad Leave A Light On and the brimmingly optimistic Always Wandering bring touches of real sunshine to proceedings.

After the skittering No Apologies, it’s just down to Cut the Line, and I Surrender to tie things up, both real riots that make you want to start a revolution, tearing down buildings as you dance, sing and smash stuff up.

It may have been two decades since Infest, but Ego Trip shows the band are as hard-hitting, melodic and ferocious as ever before, their skills only getting more and more powerful as time goes by.

Supercharging their ever-evolving musical chops and experience with the spit and fury of their youth, Papa Roach have really pulled it out of the hat.

A 1000 decibel explosion of colour, light and sound from start to finish.

Visit for more details.

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