The End Machine / George Lynch And Jeff Pilson Share New Album Lineup

The End Machine have moved into an exciting new era with the news of an updated lineup, a new album set to drop on 8 March 2024 and an explosive new single, Silent Winter, released yesterday afternoon.

“The first record [The End Machine] was a little bluesier,” George Lynch told MetalTalk in an earlier interview discussing Phase2. “A little more ’70s influenced, but there was not this focused commonality throughout the last album… We decided to tighten all that up and make it more focused on the hooks this time.”

The focus for the third album has shifted even tighter. Robert Mason has officially left the band, paving the way for Girish Pradhan to take the vocal reigns. Man, does this raise the bar higher, as you can hear and see in the new Silent Winter video.

“Silent Winter is a song about the bleak prospects for humanity if we keep on our current trajectory,” Jeff Pilson told us. You can see Lynch in the video layering a wonderful guitar on his Firebird, but as the film progresses, you can sense the dread that is building. 

“Quantum Phase, the album, deals with what we must do to change course,” Pilson says. The album version of Silent Winter has a 1-minute, 20-second musical intro with no words. But the apocalyptic warning can be felt, especially when Steve Brown’s rolling drums smash in.

The End Machine album cover.
The End Machine – The Quantum Phase, out 8 March 2024

Pradhan’s addition to the band is an interesting move. His work with Girish And The Chronicles saw them support Guns N’ Roses in Abu Dhabi in July 2023. Pradhan has also sung with Joel Hoekstra’s 13.

“At some point, you have got to give the people what they want,” Geroge Lynch told us discussing Phase2. “I mean, musicians always want to experiment and expand their horizons, and that is all well and good. 

“But I think you have an obligation and responsibility to serve the people that have served you so well and allowed you to do what you do. We made a concerted effort to do that on Phase2.”

Phase 2 was an impressively strong and consistent record. The early indications are that The Quantum Phase will top that by some impressive margin.

The End Machine, The Quantum Phase, is out on 8 March 2024 and can be pre-ordered from here.

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