The Cherry Red Boxsets / The Feral, Athletic Metal Of Raven

In Part Two of four delightful boxset releases from Cherry Red, we look at Raven – Faster Than The Speed Of Light. For true music fans, streaming falls short. We long for something tangible and tactile, and these four boxsets allow us to immerse ourselves in a bygone era, escaping the stresses of modern life.

The Cherry Red Boxsets – Raven

Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Words: Paul Monkhouse

Like Hanoi Rocks, Raven are another band much-feted by the likes of Sounds and Kerrang! At the time, Raven spearheaded the catchily-titled Athletic Metal, playing their instruments harder and faster than anyone else around.

Their thrash stylings soon caught the attention of punk fans and a young generation of Metalheads seeking their next rocket-fuelled fix. Having toured America with Metallica for the Kill ‘Em All for One jaunt in 1983, they were firing on all cylinders and disc one of this set, Live At The Inferno from 1984, shows them at their feral best.

The trio of bass player/vocalist John Gallagher, guitarist Mark Gallagher and drummer Rob ‘Wacko’ Hunter were masters of their craft, the Geordies making enough racket to flatten city blocks and soon found themselves a must-see band.

Delirious lumps of super-speedy Metal like Crash! Bang! Wallop!, Rock Until You Drop, and All For One were played with such intent that whiplash caused by headbanging was a certainty, local hospital wards surely full up and down the country whenever they played.

Skipping forward to 1995, Destroy All Monsters – Live in Japan saw the band just as intent to wreak destruction as ever. Now with John Hasselvander on drums, their own brand of Thrash with melody had seen them rise up the ranks, and whilst the super-big leagues may have eluded them, there were still rabid audiences queuing around the block to absorb every last face-melting note.

Break The Chain and Inquisitor see Raven in full flight, and there’s a roaring menace here that crackles with electricity. The final disc in the set is covers album Party Killers, and it’s a turbo-charged tribute to bands they’ve loved and been influenced by.

Featuring tracks originally by Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Budgie, Queen and Status Quo, amongst others, it does exactly what it says on the tin and is made for blasting out in the car or at home with a few bottles of Newcastle Brown, soaking up its pneumatic charms.

The Cherry Red Boxsets:

Hanoi Rocks – The Days We Spent Underground 1981-1984

Raven – Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Oliver/Dawson Saxon – Screaming Eagles : The Complete Works

Magnum – Great Adventures : The Jet Years 1978-1983

To read about each at MetalTalk, visit https://www.metaltalk.net/tag/cherry-red-boxset

1 I Don’t Need Your Money
2 Break the Chain / Hell Patrol
3 Live at The Inferno / Crazy World
4 Let It Rip
5 I.G.A.R.B.O.
6 Wiped Out
7 Fire Power
8 All for One
9 Forbidden Planet
10 Star Wars
11 Tyrant of The Airways
12 Run Silent Run Deep
13 Intro
14 Live at The Inferno
15 Take Control
16 Mind Over Metal
17 Crash Bang Wallop
18 Rock Until You Drop
19 Faster Than Speed of Light

1 Victim
2 Live at the Inferno
3 Crash! Bang! Wallop!
4 True Believe
5 Medley: Into the Jaws of Death – Hard as Nails – Die for Allah
6 Guitar Solo
7 Medley: Speed of The Reflex
– Run Silent, Run Deep – Mind Over Metal
8 Gimme A Reason
9 Inquisitor
10 For the Future
11 Bass Solo
12 Architect of Fear
13 White Hot Anger
14 Drum Solo
15 Break the Chain

1 Fireball (Deep Purple)
2 Bad Reputation (Thin Lizzy)
3 He’s a Whore (Cheap Trick)
4 In for the Kill (Budgie)
5 Is There a Better Way (Status Quo)
6 Ogre Battle (Queen)
7 Queen of My Dreams (Edgar Winter Group)
8 Too Bad So Sad (Nazareth)
9 Cockroach (Sweet)
10 Tak Me Bak ome (Slade)
11 Hang On To Yourself (David Bowie)

Sleeve Notes

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