TerraDown / Deliver a ‘Judgement’ with their debut album

Dutch Melodic Death/Groove Metal outfit TerraDown may be a young band, but they have a very mature and heavy philosophical view, with their lyrics based around “a group of survivors in a broken world, where all the faults and mistakes of our present day society led to an apocalyptic event”.

Their aim is to encourage the audience to contemplate about themselves, their society and their future.

Words: Jools Green

Lyrically, they may take a brutal and harsh route, but sound wise it is very accessible, powerful and groovy with the hint of a thrashy edge in places. But fear not, it will not sear the flesh from your face, so step closer to the speaker, it is a very listener friendly sound.

Musically, it does encompass a lot of elements from across the spectrum of Metal, from the lighter Melodic end to the more brutal and crushing end, thanks to the band members broad range of personal interests. Along with a modern approach, each element is added with subtle restraint, so that no one genre overpowers another.

Across the ten track, fifty minute offering, you get a good vocal range. A mix of much needed deeper harsh, with a growl edge, to offset against the melodic edge, to the music along with higher, at times rough edged, cleans.

TerraDown Album cover

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All well intonated and with a varied pace in every track, balancing punch with groove perfectly across the well punctuated tracks which ebb and flow from Melodic Metal to brutal Metal.

When it comes to favourite tracks, I have several. They are the ones which lean towards the brutal end, where the vocals are concerned – that is just a personal preference for me, I’m a big fan of harsh vocals.

The opener and album beast at seven minutes duration, ‘Statement’,  is punchy with an addictive repeat riff and groove that courses beneath the harsh vocals. A midway switch to the pace and feel, followed by a tempo drop to the melodic, then a punchy rebuild with chanting harsh closing vocals.

A stunning track which makes a big “Statement” indeed.

Then ‘Volition’ with its driving riffs and tech tinged melody, that forms the track core. It becomes groovier as it progresses, but maintaining a necessary balancing harshness to both the vocals and the overall delivery.

‘Memories’ is a track packed with punch and groove. ‘Overlord’, with its touch of tech combined with a thrashy drive, gives a subtle hint of prog in the second half.

The closer, the punchy and precise ‘Into The Devil’s Lair’, is great too.

‘Judgement’ is an independent release available from the bands website, as well as all the usual streaming services.

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