The Hot One Two

Firevolt Festival 2023 / Saturday, build it and they will come (Part One)

Firevolt Festival 2023 - Saturday Part One - The Hot One Two - Thieves Of Liberty - Apriori - Valhalla Awaits. Build it and they will come/ @firevoltmanchester @thehotonetwo @thievesofliberty @apriori_official @valhallaawaitsband Words: Dave Bonney Photo: Dave Davies

The Hot One Two – No Energy Crisis for this Warm Up

The foot-to-the-floor, 111 mph rock 'n' roll show that is The Hot One Two at KK's Steel Mill and their high energy, turbocharged, swaggering rock 'n' roll.Words: Sophie James Photography: @inglisnomad @thehotonetwo @kkssteelmill

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