Sodom / A Raw And Fiery Thrash Metal Journey Back To 1982

Rediscover the rawest edge of German Thrash Metal with Sodom's 1982 EP. Dive into their blistering tracks, reminiscent of Venom, Motörhead, and Slayer. Available on vinyl and CD for the first time! Words: @hutchie224 @sodom_band_official @steamhammer.official

Sodom / Teutonic thrash veterans celebrate 40 years of noise in their unique fashion

Sodom – 40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom (S.P.V. / Steamhammer). You don't have a music career that long if you're not doing what you do very well indeed. @sodom_band_official

Sodom / M-16 anniversary edition is of quite spectacular proportions

October 2001 saw the release of German Thrash legends Sodom's M-16 album, which followed their tradition of politically committed and socio-critical inspired releases, especially 1989's Agent Orange and Code Red in 1999....

Sodom / Bombenhagel, an excellent EP that Thrash fans will love

German Thrash legends Sodom, who will be celebrating their fortieth anniversary next year, are set to drop a three-track EP, Bombenhagel.Sodom – Bombenhagel (Steamhammer / SPV)Release Date : 20 August 2021Words: Jools...

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