Spektrvm release Blood For Heaven, Heavy Metal not to be ignored

In amongst all the myriad of genres that we weave through in the music we love, Heavy Metal as a format is often overlooked or ignored. Dismissed by many as old school, the diversity of our music can mean missing out on the odd gem as well as bypassing stuff that is best left hidden in the darkest of corners. Thankfully, Blood For Heaven by Spektrvm has not been ignored.

Spektrvm – Blood For Heaven (Sliptrick Records)

Release Date: 8 July 2022

Words: Paul Hutchings

The debut full-length release from Greek Metallers Spektrvm, Blood For Heaven is an album that is well worth a listen. The band don’t stick to one style, incorporating elements of their own culture into a pleasing blend of Metal that also includes progressive passages, folk, the odd bit of nu-Metal and a fair selection of thrash. Something for everyone, perhaps?

The risk with such a spread is that the music appeals to no one. That’s not the case here. Single Leviathan is a soaring hard rocker, combining the influences of Metallica, AX7 and Shinedown in a curled ball of thumpingly solid Metal.

Opener Gift Of Oizys follows a traditional intro format, setting an atmospheric feel which segues into the six-minute title track. An instantly appealing song, with jagged riffs and the impressive vocals of Thanos Zabetakis, Spektrvm have decided to bring an epic right up front. Emotional and full of passion, it’s the right decision and works well.

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Journeying through the nine songs on the album, there’s more to discover in each play. The musicianship is solid, with some excellent guitar work from George Zikas and Nicholas Dhamo. Rainfire is a track that stands out, with a muscular focus that should appeal to a wide audience. The band draw on many themes, political and religious amongst them. Without Borders is topical and brings some of the Greek influences. It’s a message I’m sure we’d agree with.

Spektrvm – Blood For Heaven (Sliptrick Records)
Spektrvm – Blood For Heaven (Sliptrick Records)

Spektrvm finish the album strongly. Green God has some interesting Eastern vibes to it, certainly highlighting the folk influences whilst retaining a heavy edge.

The album ends with the gentle Rotten World, which has elements of Scorpions about it. Slightly at odds with the heavier feel of much of the album, it works nicely, bringing contrast and focus with which to conclude the record in a majestic fashion.

Spektrvm are a band who will appeal to a broad range of fans. Their line-up is completed by Michael Pouliezos on bass and drummer Lyo Panagiotopoulos.

Blood for Heaven is a solid debut and one that is well worth exploring, especially if you are a fan of hard rock and Metal with a melodic edge.

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