South African Rockers Marene release high-energy single Partners In Crime

South African Flash Rockers Marene have released their new single Partners In Crime, the first track from their upcoming album Rising After Midnight. Synonymous with the spirit of adventure and risk-taking the band likes to explore, the new song captures the excitement and danger of a night out with someone you likely should not be hanging around with.

“This is a special song to me,” Tyler Duggan told MetalTalk. “When I wrote the basic outline for the song back in 2018, it was something that I knew would push the band’s sound forward. We’ve always strived to be the band that gets the crowd dancing, and the perfect blend of rock and synth-pop in this song does that.”

Bassist Ozzey Padayachee is ecstatic about the recording experience. “I can say that recording this song was an exhilarating experience,” he told us. “The energy in the studio was contagious, and we all knew we were onto something special. The driving chorus and catchy lyrics had us all hooked from the start.

“I love the way this song sounds – it’s edgy and fun, with a hint of danger. Playing on Partners In Crime was a thrill, and I can’t wait for fans to hear it. This song is all about letting loose and having fun, and I think listeners are going to love it just as much as we do.”

Marene - Partners In Crime
Marene – Partners In Crime

The care and attention to detail that the band show is echoed by drummer Skye Nagel. “It took me two full days in the studio to get my drumming just right,” he said, “but Alan, the recording engineer, really helped make everything sound amazing on the track. It was a super tiring process for all of us, but totally worth it.

“The energy in the song is insane, and my favourite thing about the song is that it reminds me so much of how it sounds when we play it live. The whole production of the track is just a chef’s kiss, with each instrument just blending in perfectly. I’ve always wanted to record drums in a studio, so finally having the chance to do so was an experience that I’ll never forget.”

With two EPs already released and work continuing on Rising After Midnight, the bands electrifying live performances have caught eyes and ears. “It’s a testament to our ‘sound’ as we’ve always taken inspiration from our heroes but have also chosen to go where they never did,” Duggan says, “and not just be a carbon copy and reinvent the wheel, but rather put our own spin on it.

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“Although our influences will always be a part of who we are, it’s refreshing for me to listen to our songs and hear just how far we’ve come in developing a sound of our own. We hope everyone is going to enjoy Partners in Crime as much as I enjoyed creating it. It’s a song that means a lot to us, and we hope it inspires you to take risks and cherish the moments you have with the people around you.”

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Marene are:

Tyler Duggan: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Producer
Ozzey Padayachee: Bass & Vocals
Skye Nagel: Drums
Maronay Todkill: Keyboard & Vocals
Arian Helm: Lead Guitar

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