Soilwork and Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Andersson dies aged 47

Soilwork and Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Andersson has died aged 47. Andersson played with Soilwork since 2012, including the band’s latest album, Övergivenheten, released only last month.

Andersson was also a member of The Night Flight Orchestra since 2007 and had recently joined Gang Of Old Ladies.

“We are deeply saddened today as we bring the terrible news of David Andersson’s passing,” a Soilwork statement read. “He was one of a kind and a brilliant man in so many ways. He was our guitarist for more than ten years and had a big impact on Soilwork’s musical journey forward.

“Sadly, alcohol and mental illness took you away from us. We will miss him dearly and will continue to carry the musical legacy that he was a part of. Our deepest condolences go out to his family. Forever grateful for the time we spent with you and all the good laughs. Thank you Dr. Dave. See you on the other side.

“We encourage everyone to respect the privacy of David’s family and friends in these tragic times.”

Nuclear Blast Records described David as always full of music.

“When we heard about the passing of David Andersson, we were in total disbelief,” a statement from Nuclear Blast reads. “We sat there in shock and simply couldn’t believe it. But unfortunately, the news was true.

“The news has made us and countless people around the world incredibly sad. David Andersson passed away far too young!

“David was a very cool guy, friendly, funny, easy to work with and always full of music.

“We wish his bandmates in Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra and his family our sincere condolences in these hard times.

“David Andersson will always be remembered as a member of the Nuclear Family, and his music will live on forever among countless fans worldwide.

Thank you for the music, and we hope you have found the peace you were looking for.
Rest in Power, David!”

Soilwork and Night Flight Orchestra guitarist David Andersson dies aged 47
David Andersson, Night Flight Orchestra. Photo: Steve Ritchie

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